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Economy & Jobs 19-01-2021

Brussels launches new offensive against US dollar supremacy

On the eve of Joe Biden's inauguration as US president, the European Commission will launch a new offensive to promote the use of the EU's single currency on a global level, aiming to address the vulnerabilities of financial markets, which are seen as “too reliant” on the US dollar.
Global Europe 13-08-2020

In China, fears of financial Iron Curtain as US tensions rise

A sharp escalation in tensions with the United States has stoked fears in China of a deepening financial war that could result in it being shut out of the global dollar system.
Global Europe 19-06-2019

Draghi brushes off Trump accusation of currency manipulation

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi said Tuesday (18 June) that the institution “doesn’t target the exchange rate”, shrugging off an allegation of currency manipulation from US President Donald Trump. “We have our remit. We have our mandate. Our mandate...
Economy & Jobs 13-06-2019

Far from ‘devalued’, euro surges as trade war hits yuan

If evidence is needed of how far ripples from the Sino-US trade war are reaching, have a look at Europe where the yuan’s slump is driving up the euro’s value against trade partners’ currencies, handicapping the export-reliant bloc’s economy. Contrary...
Economy & Jobs 11-01-2019

Russia ditches dollar, opts for euro and yuan

A report by the Bank of Russia published late on Wednesday (9 January) reveals that the country dumped $101 in US holdings from its reserves, shifting into euros and yuan last spring amid a new round of US sanctions.
Economy & Jobs 06-12-2018

EU claims stronger role for its currency despite flawed monetary union

The European Commission presented on Wednesday (5 December) a strategy to strengthen the international role of the euro days after member states continued to drag their feet to complete the economic and monetary union.
Global Europe 20-09-2018

Russian oil firm seeks payments in euros amid US sanction threat

Russian oil producer Surgutneftegaz is pushing buyers to agree to pay for oil in euros instead of dollars if the need arises, apparently as insurance against possible tougher US sanctions, traders who deal with the firm told Reuters.
Future EU 12-09-2018

Juncker to propose breaking dollar’s dominance in global markets

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is expected to propose today (12 September) a bigger role for the euro in international markets and more efficient decision-making in EU foreign policy in his state of the union speech, European diplomats said.
Brexit 09-01-2017

May denies UK heading for ‘hard Brexit’, as sterling falls

Theresa May denied Monday (9 January) that the UK was heading for a ‘hard Brexit’, in the wake of the resignation of the UK ambassador to the EU, and her own core focus on controlling immigration.
Euro & Finance 12-04-2016

I use cash, and I’m not a criminal

Politicians left and right have begun calling for a ban on large-denomination banknotes and restrictions on cash payments as a means of fighting crime, money laundering and terrorism. Their argument is flawed, writes Guillaume Lepecq.
The Euro reached its lowest point against the dollar for nine years this week.
Euro & Finance 07-01-2015

Falling euro cause for celebration and concern

European manufacturers are happy with the falling value of the single currency, which allows them to export their goods more easily. But the mood is tempered by the threat of deflation, particularly harmful to indebted countries, and increasingly a worry for the ECB, which may begin a policy of buying up sovereign debt from 22 January. EURACTIV France reports
BRICS in Brazil
Development Policy 16-07-2014

BRICS launch ‘New Development Bank’

Leaders of the BRICS emerging market nations launched a $100 billion (€73.5 billion) development bank and a currency reserve pool yesterday (15 July) in their first concrete step toward reshaping the Western-dominated international financial system.
Euro & Finance 07-04-2008

Why the euro/dollar exchange rate should be left alone

Tampering with exchange rates to stem the rise of the euro against the dollar would be wrong, according to a March commentary from EuroIntelligence, which argues that leaving the euro/dollar exchange rate alone would be more beneficial to both currencies.
Euro & Finance 04-04-2008

Euro to replace dollar as world’s reserve currency

With the dollar seemingly in terminal decline, there is little stopping the euro from becoming the world's premier reserve currency, argues Wolfgang Münchau in a March commentary for EuroIntelligence.
Euro & Finance 08-02-2008

Global financial turmoil casts shadow on G7 meeting

High oil prices, heavy stutters in the US economy and global financial market instability are on the agenda of a G7 meeting in Tokyo this weekend. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank has made comments suggesting possible interest rate cuts in the euro zone.
Euro & Finance 22-10-2007

G7 implores China to allow stronger yuan

China should allow its currency to rise more quickly in order to help Europe and the US restore some of their industrial competitiveness and limit growing trade deficits, said finance ministers from the world's seven leading industrialised nations.
Euro & Finance 18-04-2007

Economic upswing sends euro and pound surging

Global investors are favouring European currencies as the long-laggard continent ascertains its strong economic growth and the US economy shows signs of a substantial slowdown. But this may not be good news for all.
Euro & Finance 11-05-2000

Financial markets look at ECB meeting

The continuing decline of the Euro is putting pressure on the ECB to raise its interest rates
Euro & Finance 08-05-2000

Will Ecofin support euro?

Ecofin ministers have to debate the weak position of the European currency