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Euro & Finance 12-04-2016

I use cash, and I’m not a criminal

Politicians left and right have begun calling for a ban on large-denomination banknotes and restrictions on cash payments as a means of fighting crime, money laundering and terrorism. Their argument is flawed, writes Guillaume Lepecq.
Euro & Finance 07-04-2008

Why the euro/dollar exchange rate should be left alone

Tampering with exchange rates to stem the rise of the euro against the dollar would be wrong, according to a March commentary from EuroIntelligence, which argues that leaving the euro/dollar exchange rate alone would be more beneficial to both currencies.
Euro & Finance 04-04-2008

Euro to replace dollar as world’s reserve currency

With the dollar seemingly in terminal decline, there is little stopping the euro from becoming the world's premier reserve currency, argues Wolfgang Münchau in a March commentary for EuroIntelligence.