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EURACTIV can reveal that ahead of the end of the Brexit transition date, Leave.EU migrated its registrant address to a site in Waterford, in the Republic of Ireland.
Internet governance 06-01-2021

Thousands of EU domains registered to UK users ‘suspended’ after Brexit

Over 80,000 internet domain names assigned to UK registrants have been suspended by the EU registry, EURid, following the end of the Brexit transition period at the close of 2020.
Data protection 05-04-2018

Privacy regulators in hotseat over future of ‘fundamental’ website owners list

The internet is at risk of becoming fragmented if online databases that show who owns websites are shut down after the EU’s new data protection law takes effect next month, the head of internet domain organisation ICANN has warned.
Data protection 09-02-2018

Commission lobbies for police access to website owners list

The European Commission has suggested that law enforcement authorities could soon have restricted access to the WHOIS database that identifies website owners because the system is on a collision course with the EU’s strict new data protection law.
Languages & Culture 17-01-2018

Reding: ‘Endangered languages could be saved by the internet’

Internet platforms have helped the internet to become more multilingual, and especially less widely spoken languages like Luxembourgish, Viviane Reding told EURACTIV.com in an interview.
Languages & Culture 16-01-2018

EU urged to help expand internet domain names in different languages

Researchers and officials working on internet governance have urged EU institutions to help expand the use of internationalised domain names, which contain letters from alphabets including Cyrillic or Greek, or accented letters like in the word “café”.
ICANN Vice President for Europe Jean-Jacques Sahel
Technology 16-10-2015

ICANN hopes for quick decision on break with US govt

ICANN, the non-profit organisation that administers internet domain names, is up against a tough deadline to cut ties with the US government by next autumn.
Languages & Culture 07-11-2012

The internet is becoming more multilingual: Study

Internationalised domain names (IDNs), which are seen as an essential building block for creating a multilingual internet, are growing in number, according to a new report.
Technology 22-04-2005

EU to have own internet domain name

As from the end of 2005, the European Union will have a new internet address all of its own: ".eu".

EU signs global charter on carbon sequestration

On 25 June, the EU signed up to a charter stimulating international cooperation on developing and deploying carbon capture and storage technologies. This charter, a US initiative, establishes a "Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum", gathering countries from the five continents.

Commission seeks bidders to run .EU domain name

On 3 September the Official Journal published a call for expression of interest by the Commission for the selection of a .EU registry to run the EU top level domain name.

ICANN wants more transparency, openness and government participation

The President of the ICANN stated "the goal of leaving the Internet in private hands has proven unworkable" and therefore proposes "more transparency, openness and participation by government".

Telecomms ministers agree on eu domain name

EU Telecomms ministers agreed on the creation of an .eu domain name