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Global Europe 09-12-2019

Russia banned from Olympic Games for altering doping data

Russia was banned from the Olympics and other major world championships on Monday (9 December) after sporting officials decided to punish it for tampering with doping-related laboratory data in another blow to Russia’s already tarnished sporting reputation.
Sports 22-07-2016

Russian Olympic ban upheld, Moscow denounces ‘crime against sport’

Sport's highest tribunal rejected Russia's appeal on Thursday (21 July) against a doping ban for its entire athletics team from the Rio Olympics starting in 15 days, drawing swift and angry condemnation from Moscow.
Global Europe 19-07-2016

Russian athletes face ban from Rio Olympics

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) yesterday (18 July) recommended that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee should consider banning all athletes entered by the Russian Olympic Committee for next month's Rio Olympics.
Europe's East 12-11-2015

Putin seeks way out doping scandal

President Vladimir Putin said yesterday (11 November) that Russia needed to conduct its own investigation into allegations its athletes had systematically taken performance-enhancing substances.
Sports 23-08-2010

EU asked to investigate drugs in football

A group of MEPs has asked the European Commission to establish a database to collect information on drugs taken by football players during their careers and to assess the causes of football-related disease, such as the deadly Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Sports 15-04-2010

Report outlines 10 threats to integrity of sport

Cheating, spying and doping are threats which, if left untackled, could lead people to lose interest in sport altogether, argues a new research report.
Sports 21-08-2008

Dealing with doping: a question of the benchmark

Carrying out regular drug tests over time to amass "longitudinal data" on athletes may help improve the accuracy of testing, argues a July 2008 analysis compiled by economics consultancy Oxera.
Sports 25-10-2007

Strong support for EU initiatives against doping in sport

A pan-European conference has given strong support to the Council of Europe's current anti-doping activities and backed possible complementary EU initiatives in this area.
Sports 27-07-2007

Tour de France doping scandal sends ripples through Europe

The recent exposure of doping cases in the Tour de France has prompted the Council of Europe to urge stepping up efforts to prevent cheating. A pan-European conference on the fight against doping will take place in Autumn.
Sports 18-01-2006

Austria working on sport and the EU economy study

Austria believes that the importance of sport to the overall economy is often underestimated and wants to translate national experience into a form that can be used at European level.
Sports 21-09-2005

Majority of EU countries commit to anti-doping convention

Meeting informally, EU sports ministers have largely backed UNESCO's anti-doping convention while an idea of a working group on sport and health is gathering momentum.
Sports 19-09-2005

UK drives EU forward on anti-doping convention

High up on the agenda of informal sports ministers is the adoption and ratification of the first legally binding intergovernmental convention against doping in sport.
Sports 01-07-2005

Combating discrimination in sport is a priority for UK Presidency’s EU ‘sports policy’

Combating  all forms of discrimination in and through sport will be high on the UK Presidency's sports policy agenda, says UK sports ministry spokesperson William Powell.
Sports 04-05-2005

FIFA under pressure to comply with international anti-doping rules

The Luxembourg Presidency and the Commission are increasing the pressure on FIFA to fall into line with world anti-doping requirements. Sports federations are being encouraged to develop internal anti-doping rules.