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EU Priorities 2020 15-07-2014

EU Parliament elects Juncker as Commission President

He will lead Europe for the next five years. The European Parliament elected on Tuesday former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker to be the next President of the European Commission.
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Enlargement 23-06-2014

EU urges Turkey to restore judiciary independence

EU Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle has called on Turkey to restore the independence of its judiciary, if Ankara wants to make progress towards EU accession.
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EU Priorities 2020 10-06-2014

Catalan separatists build ‘human towers’ across EU to back independence referendum

Human towers, 8 levels high. Independence flags and signs saying “Catalans want to vote”.
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Europe's East 05-06-2014

G7 leaders threaten Russia with tougher sanctions over Ukraine

In their first meeting without Russia in 17 years, G7 leaders threatened Moscow with further sanctions if it does not help restore stability in eastern Ukraine.
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Economy & Jobs 04-06-2014

Lithuania ready to join euro from 2015, Commission says

Lithuania is ready to join the euro from 2015 and will become the 19th country to do so. This is the message that the European Commission sent on Wednesday as it released its 2014 Convergence Report, an assessment of how ready eight member states are to join the single currency.
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Parliament set for grand coalition after EU election despite Eurosceptic rise

43.1% of EU citizens went to the polls on Sunday to chose who will lead Europe for the next 5 years.
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Brexit 23-05-2014

UKIP Farage set to win EU election as Dutch anti-EU party loses ground

British and Dutch citizens went to the polls on Thursday to choose who will lead Europe for the next 5 years.
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Energy 21-05-2014

Barroso urges Putin not to interrupt gas supply to Ukraine

The European Union urged Russia on Wednesday not to cut gas flows to Ukraine and to agree on a market-based gas price.
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Europe's East 20-05-2014

Ukraine gets first €100 million in EU aid

The European Commission disbursed a first loan of €100 million to Ukraine on Tuesday. It is the first tranche of a 1.6 billion euro package that the EU pledged last month to help Kiev's struggling economy.
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Top EU job rivals hold last TV debate before election

Candidates for the Presidency of the next European Commission held the last televised debate on Thursday, before Europeans go to the polls next week.
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Economy & Jobs 16-05-2014

250 arrested in anti-TTIP protest at European Business Summit

250 protesters were arrested in Brussels on Thursday in the margins of the European Business Summit or EBS, a convention of business and political leaders.
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Global Europe 13-05-2014

EU ministers launch European Institute for Peace

EU foreign affairs ministers launched a new institution on Monday called European Institute for Peace, an initiative that aims to contribute to the global peace agenda of Europe.
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Europe's East 12-05-2014

EU says eastern Ukraine referendum illegal

Western leaders have condemned a referendum on independence celebrated in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, as pro-Russian rebels declared a resounding victory claiming more than 90% of votes in favour.
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EU Priorities 2020 09-05-2014

Barroso: EU integration may be at risk

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso delivered a major speech on Thursday in Berlin on the occasion of Europe day, laying out his legacy and priorities for the future of the EU.
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Economy & Jobs 06-05-2014

UK, Sweden criticise financial tax as EU countries push for it

11 Eurozone countries pushed on Tuesday for a controversial tax on financial trading, also know as the Robin Hood Tax.
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Economy & Jobs 05-05-2014

EU forecasts moderate growth in 2014

The European Union predicted on Monday a positive economic outlook for the next two years, but with one condition: EU member states must stick to the agreed austerity measures.
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Europe's East 28-04-2014

EU set to expand sanctions against Russia, grants visa-free travel to Moldova

EU ambassadors are meeting in Brussels on Monday to agree on further sanctions against Russia, as tensions continue to grow in Eastern Ukraine.
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Global Europe 25-04-2014

EU urges Israel, Palestine to continue peace talks after Hamas-Fatah reconciliation

The European Union urged Israel and Palestine to continue with their peace talks beyond the April deadline, when reaching a peace agreement was due.
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Energy 24-04-2014

EU, Russia to meet over Ukraine gas supply

European and Russian officials will meet this week and next for emergency talks to try to prevent Moscow cutting off gas supply to Ukraine.
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Europe's East 17-04-2014

Parliament calls on world leaders to step up pressure on Russia

MEPs have called on western diplomats to step up sanctions against Russian energy companies, as the US, the EU, Russia and Ukraine are meeting in Geneva to find a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis,
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Economy & Jobs 17-04-2014

MEPs approve ‘improved conditions’ for posted workers

MEPs approved on Wednesday a draft law to improve the working conditions of posted workers, people employed in one EU Member State but sent to temporarily work in another country.
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Banking union 15-04-2014

Parliament gives green light to Banking Union

European Parliament president Martin Schulz has called it a historic project, on par with the Single Market.
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Europe's East 14-04-2014

EU calls on Russia to withdraw troops from Eastern Ukraine, considers further sanctions

EU foreign ministers called on Russia on Monday to withdraw its troops from a 'threatening posture' in Eastern Ukraine, after pro-Russian separtists occupied official buildings over the weekend about 150 km from the Russian border.
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Economy & Jobs 11-04-2014

Barnier: “I will continue to serve the public interest”

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV's editor Frederic Simon, EU Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier spoke about the future of Europe and his own career plans after the EU elections in May. Barnier will publish a book on the European debate on the 15th of April. “In this book, I try to explain that if we don’t react together, learn lessons, if we don't launch new policies or reconnect citizens with Europe, our liberty as Europeans is at stake. We'll loose it.” Barnier said.