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  • Neelie Kroes: mHealth will reduce costly visits to hospitals

    Promoted content | Digital & Media 10-04-2014

    Mobile health apps that measure your blood pressure or remind you to take your medication could save the EU 99 billion euros in healthcare costs by 2017, according to the European Commission.

  • Commission proposes greater shareholder power over executive pay

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 09-04-2014

    Around 10000 listed companies across Europe might have to change the way they pay their top executives.

  • EU pledges extra funds for peace and security in Africa

    Promoted content | Development Policy 02-04-2014

    As African and European leaders are meeting for a 4-day Summit in Brussels, where more that 80 nations are attending, the European Union pledged on Wednesday to spend an extra 800 million euros on peacekeeping missions in Africa.

  • EU ministers agree 3-part bailout loan for Greece

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 01-04-2014

    Eurozone finance ministers approved on Tuesday the latest bailout aid for Greece, ending a six-month stand-off between Athens and its international lenders.

  • EU Ashton in Kiev as new government accuses ousted Yanukovich of mass murder

    Promoted content | Europe's East 24-02-2014

    The Ukrainian authorities announced on Monday that ousted president Viktor Yanukovich is wanted on an arrest warrant for mass murder, after Ukrainian police snipers shot anti-government protesters earlier last week.
    The Commission has so far declined to comment on the arrest warrant, as EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton is in Kiev for discussions with party leaders about financial aid to Ukraine.
    The warrant was issued after Russian-backed Yanukovich fled Kiev by helicopter on Friday, in a failed attempt to reach Russia.

  • Commission unveils new plan to combat obesity

    Promoted content | Health 30-01-2014

    In its fight against obesity among school children, the European Commission launched a proposal on Thursday to strengthen the declining consumption of fruit and milk among young people.
    Aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles, the new plan will bring together the EU's currently separate programmes on milk and fruit under a new single scheme.