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Breweries, bakeries and brides: Where Italy spent its EU billions

The EU promised the south of Italy billions to promote research and innovation, but, as EURACTIV Germany reports, the money was spent on some strange projects...
EU Elections 2014 04-04-2014

MEPs cry foul at Schulz’ stunt to avoid resignation

A large majority of the European Parliament today (4 April) voted to invite President Martin Schulz to resign so that he is able to campaign for the European elections. But Schulz used a procedural trick, and ruled out the text of the budget discharge resolution concerning his case.

MEP: European research grants becoming ‘unattractive’

European research funding runs the risk of becoming unattractive to researchers if the grant application process is not radically overhauled, Dr. Inge Gräßle (EPP-ED, DE) has warned in an interview with EURACTIV.