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Automated vehicles 11-02-2019

European drivers may be wary of cars that stop them from speeding

Fully automated driving may be years away, but a new EU law being debated by legislators would mandate some semi-autonomous features in new cars, such as intelligent speed assistance. And the auto industry is worried about driver backlash.
Brexit 13-09-2018

New passport and driving permits needed to enter EU after Brexit, UK warns

A new passport and international driving permit could be among the unwanted shopping list facing the British in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, the UK government admitted on Thursday (13 September).
Transport 12-02-2008

Coach drivers defend minimum resting periods

European coach drivers are heading for a clash with their employers over EU rules setting minimum resting periods, which tour operators claim have led to a "dramatic cost increase of up to 30%".
Transport 23-11-2006

MEPs pave way for single EU driving licence

A single European driving licence, valid for a maximum of 15 years, looks set to replace the multitude of licences currently valid in member states.
Transport 08-10-2004

New European driving licence to last ten years

Transport ministers have agreed that all citizens should have the same ten-year driving licence across the EU. Despite the Dutch Presidency's efforts to reach a compromise on the Eurovignette directive, no agreement was possible.
EU Priorities 2020 12-05-2003

Commission to present new proposal on driving restrictions

The Commission plans to set up a notification procedure for all driving restrictions for heavy lorries that Member States want to introduce. It wants to ascertain their compliance with the Treaty before rather than after they are implemented.