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Development Policy 23-07-2018

Roses instead of opium: Afghan farmers enjoy sweet smell of success

Standing in a field of roses in eastern Afghanistan, former poppy grower Mohammad Din Sapai quickly but carefully plucks the delicate petals that will be turned into rose water and oils for sale around the world.
Health 24-11-2017

Athens brings its dispute with pharma industry to the EU Council

The next EU Health Council on 8 December will discuss the “lack of drug availability in Greece”, amid mounting tensions between the leftist government in Athens and the pharmaceutical companies.
Global Europe 14-03-2017

EU and Bolivia at odds over new coca leaf law

Bolivian President Evo Morales is confident of defusing tensions with the EU after his country passed a law increasing the amount of coca plant that can be legally cultivated. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Development Policy 04-03-2016

Former coca plantations given new purpose by EU funding

EU-funded agricultural projects in Colombia that make use of former coca plantations could be expanded if a fragile peace deal between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces guerrilla movement (FARC) survives.

EU judges back Dutch fight against drug tourism

A Dutch town won the right to refuse cannabis to foreigners in a ruling by Europe's highest court that may curb drug tourism in the Netherlands.

European centre to tackle cocaine smuggling

The UK and six other EU member states yesterday (30 September) opened a new centre to deal with cocaine smuggling in the Atlantic.
Health 27-06-2006

EU fight against drugs: prevention, third country assistance

Three Commissioners have joined forces to develop a comprehensive policy to fight drugs in the EU. The aim is to reduce both supply and demand.
Health 28-06-2005

Drugs action plan to reduce both demand and supply

The EU action plan against drugs adopts a multidisciplinary approach combining demand reduction, supply reduction and the fight against international drug traffickers.