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Health 10-11-2017

EMA relocation should consider the wellbeing of all Europeans

The competition for the European Medicines Agency is not a horse race but the first concrete, effective decision the EU has to make in the wake of Brexit - and one with long-lasting consequences. A responsible yet ambitious mindset is therefore in order, writes Sandro Gozi.
Health 13-02-2017

Commission must bring healthcare to the fore

Given that the current European Commission has not prioritised healthcare, it looks as though it is up to the European Parliament to push the agenda, writes Denis Horgan.
Development Policy 20-06-2014

Stop taxing the sick

The world’s sick and vulnerable should have access to affordable medicines in emerging and developing countries, which should lead an international liberalisation effort, argues Rod Hunter.
Health 04-06-2012

Antibiotics: Preserving a precious resource

Antibiotics are a precious resource but they are often wasted on treating cold and flu's, with the dangerous effect that bacteria can develop resistance to them, writes Dr. Fidelma Fitzpatrick. However, there are many things policymakers and healthcare professional can do to preserve the efficacy of antibiotics, she says.
Sports 21-08-2008

Dealing with doping: a question of the benchmark

Carrying out regular drug tests over time to amass "longitudinal data" on athletes may help improve the accuracy of testing, argues a July 2008 analysis compiled by economics consultancy Oxera.