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Brexit 03-05-2018

Offer citizenship to British eurocrats, Juncker asks Belgian PM

European Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker has called on Belgium to demonstrate its “generosity” by offering citizenship for British officials working in the EU institutions.

Austria threatens crackdown on illegal dual citizenship holders after Turkey vote

Over 100,000 eligible-to-vote Turks live in Austria. It is estimated 10% of those hold illegal dual citizenship. Austria's interior minister wants to take action against this following Sunday's (16 April) Turkish referendum. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Central Europe 12-04-2017

Lithuania rushes to keep citizens as Brexit looms

As Brexit puts a question mark over the rights of EU nationals in Britain, Lithuania is rushing to let its citizens keep their Baltic passports if they opt to become British.
Brexit 17-08-2016

Britons eye ancestry, love to secure post-Brexit rights

From looking up their European ancestry to seeking out a continental soulmate, some Britons are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to keep ties with Europe after the nation's vote to leave the union.

German interior minister rejects burqa ban in beefed up security strategy

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière will not support a ban of full body veils for women as part of a multi-pronged security strategy that he presented today (11 August) in Berlin.

Germany moves to allow dual citizenship

Germany's lower house of parliament passed new citizenship laws yesterday (3 July), relaxing some of the strictest rules in Europe to allow young Germans of foreign origin to hold two passports - a move that benefits the large Turkish community.
Languages & Culture 27-01-2011

Slovakia-Hungary row over citizenship law

Following the adoption of a controversial citizenship law in Budapest that makes it easier for ethnic Hungarians abroad to obtain Hungarian nationality, Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radi?ová indicated that her government would seek ways to make sure that the law does not apply in her country. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.