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Global Europe 10-03-2017

Refugee deal continues to preoccupy Germany

Angela Merkel harshly criticised Turkey’s “misplaced Nazi comparisons” ahead of yesterday’s EU summit (9 March) but still insisted the refugee deal is important and must stay in place. Criticism is growing in both the German and European parliaments though. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 04-04-2016

EU to announce overhaul of ‘Dublin rules’ for asylum seekers

The EU will unveil plans to overhaul its asylum system this week following a controversial migrant deal with Turkey, but the proposals look set to trigger fresh rows in a bloc already deeply divided by the refugee crisis.

Greece sceptical, but won’t veto Commission’s border force plan

The Greek government disagrees with two crucial “points” of the European Commission’s plan for a new border force to be discussed at the two day summit starting on Thursday (17 December), but opposing a veto has been ruled out. EURACTIV Greece reports.

Council lessens Hungary and Bulgaria’s migrant obligations

One third of the EU's asylum applications in 2015 have been made in Hungary. More refugees now come from the Balkans than Syria. EURACTIV France reports.