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Climate change 02-10-2012

California’s forest protocol outpaces EU’s LULUCF plans

Where the EU has otherwise been a trendsetter in international negotiations, it is most unfortunate that even California seems to have outpaced the EU on the balanced and equal integration of developing world forests into the carbon trading framework, argue David Ellison, Hans Petersson and Mattias Lundblad.
Development Policy 17-07-2012

Merkel: Reach climate deal or face rapid global warming

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned yesterday (16 July) that global warming will accelerate at a dramatic rate unless leaders reach a deal on limiting greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.
Development Policy 01-06-2011

UN chief rattled by Durban climate summit prospects

The chief of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has plainly expressed his fears of failure at "a very critical moment" in the history of UN climate change talks later this autumn. He spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Climate change 14-01-2011

EU eyes climate ‘paradigm shift’ on tax, growth and China

EU climate leaders have been setting out their environmental agendas for tax, resource efficiency and competition from China in the year ahead, one month after the Cancún climate change summit.