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Languages & Culture 11-04-2017

Turkish language still far away from official EU status

In early 2016, Cyprus asked the EU to recognise Turkish as an official language, in an attempt to boost its reunification process. Over one year later, this request has made little headway.

The relationship between the posting debate and the Brexit debate

The posting of workers and the issues regarding social security need to be looked at from a shared perspective, writes Frank VandenbrouckeThis op-ed summarises a paper published by the Notre Europe Jacques Delors Institute in Paris.
Brexit 13-06-2016

Dutch PM says he’s ‘totally against referendums’

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte today (13 June) admitted a referendum called by eurosceptic groups on whether to back closer ties between Ukraine and the EU had been "disastrous" after voters soundly rejected the pact.
Trade & Society 13-05-2016

EU-Canada summit hangs in doubt, CETA fate uncertain

EXCLUSIVE / Bulgaria and Romania find it very difficult to ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada which was concluded in 2014, because of the refusal by Ottawa to lift the visa requirement for their nationals, and propose the accord to be postponed.
Global Europe 07-04-2016

Dutch voters reject EU-Ukraine association

Dutch voters on Wednesday (6 April) rejected a European pact with Ukraine in a referendum seen as a barometer of anti-EU feeling, dealing an embarrassing blow to the government in charge of the rotating EU presidency, sending shockwaves throughout the Union.

Two year Schengen suspension edges closer

The European Union edged closer yesterday (25 January) to accepting that its Schengen open-borders area may be suspended for up to two years if it fails in the next few weeks to curb the influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.
Development Policy 18-01-2016

The Dutch have a special responsibility with the Global Goals

The Dutch are in the unique position to both begin and end the EU’s path towards the fulfilment of the Global Goals, writes Tamira Gunzburg.
Europe's East 09-01-2016

Juncker warns Dutch voters over major consequence of Ukraine referendum

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker urged Dutch voters today (9 January) not to oppose the EU association agreement with Ukraine, saying such a move "could open the doors to a continental crisis".
EU Priorities 2020 05-01-2016

Dutch EU presidency under pressure over migration

The Netherlands will preside over the Council of the EU until July, followed by Slovakia and Malta. This 18-month timetable puts great pressure on the Dutch to deal with the refugee crisis. EURACTIV France reports
Elections 28-09-2015

Dutch referendum to question Ukraine’s EU association

A Dutch website said on Sunday (27 September) that it had garnered enough signatures to force the Netherlands to hold a non-binding referendum on the EU's association agreement with Ukraine.
Climate change 23-09-2004

MEPs briefed on Dutch Presidency’s environmental priorities

Dutch State Secretary Pieter van Geel has spelled out his environment programme before Parliament, focusing on eco-efficient, innovative solutions to issues such as sustainable transport and chemicals (REACH).
Health 08-09-2004

Ministers to discuss strategies to ward off looming crisis in healthcare financing

Health ministers are gathering for an informal Health Council on 9-10 September to discuss the sustainability of healthcare systems in view of population ageing.
Health 06-09-2004

Health conference to look at needs of the individual

A three-day conference on "Balancing Health, Social Development and Internal Market" will prepare the Informal Health Council in line with the Dutch Presidency's health priorities.