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Agrifood 19-05-2022

MEPs back one-year trade liberalisation with Ukraine

The European Parliament has endorsed the suspension for one year of all tariffs and quotas on Ukrainian exports, including agricultural products, processed agricultural products, and fruit and vegetables.
Oil and Industry 09-06-2017

EU sets steel import duties to counter Chinese subsidies

The European Union has set duties of up to 35.9 percent on imports of hot-rolled flat steel from China to counter what it says are unfair subsidies in a finding challenged by Beijing. The European Commission, which conducted an investigation...
Global Europe 10-05-2011

EU-Pakistan trade plan faces fresh criticism

A plan to liberalise trade with Pakistan following last year's devastating floods is under fire for its expected impact on the EU's biofuels and textiles industries, especially in crisis-hit Portugal, according to internal documents seen by EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 24-11-2006

No tax break for online alcohol consumers

European Court rules that only alcohol transported personally is exempt from excise duties in member state of importation.
Trade & Society 09-10-2006

Shoe retailers threaten shoe retaliation

Chinese shoemakers and European retailers are threatening legal action after the EU adopted a decision to impose anti-dumping duties against imports of leather footwear from China and Vietnam.
Trade & Society 28-09-2006

Clock ticking on Asian-shoes decision

Member states have once more failed to resolve a row over whether to impose punitive tariffs on imports of Chinese and Vietnamese footwear.