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Digital 19-09-2016

Commission champions ‘laissez-faire’ in first response to FinTech revolution

The digital revolution in the financial sector will get a helping hand from EU regulators later this year when the European Commission tables new proposals for retail financing, with a clear objective: let the revolution flourish.
Brexit 03-06-2010

E-finance at small firms: Little use of advanced services

Small companies in Europe are unsurprisingly behind larger firms when it comes to applying modern IT services and advanced e-finance methods – adding to the overall gap in productivity. Yet adopting online banking can be an important first step, writes Thomas Meyer, managing director of Deutsche Bank (DB) Research, in a May report.
Digital 04-04-2005

Five online banking trends in 2005

Jürgen Schaaf from Deutsche Bank Research says security will continue to be the number one issue of importance to online consumers in 2005. But as the e-banking market becomes increasingly competitive, customer retention, technological progress and mobile banking will play an important role too, he argues.