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Economy & Jobs 02-10-2018

Member states approve reduced tax for e-books and digital press

EU finance ministers reached an agreement on Tuesday (2 October) to allow willing member states to apply reduced VAT rates or even scrap taxes on electronic books and digital press.
e-Commerce 21-11-2017

Negotiators agree to end geoblocking in move ahead on EU ecommerce files

MEPs, member states and the European Commission agreed on a compromise deal to end geoblocking restrictions, a move that will force e-commerce businesses to sell to shoppers around the EU regardless of what country they live in.
e-Commerce 26-06-2017

String of e-commerce bills struggle to keep pace

One-and-a-half years after the European Commission proposed a string of new laws aimed at making it easier for e-commerce businesses to sell and for customers to buy across the EU, negotiations on those bills are trudging ahead at different speeds.
e-Commerce 25-04-2017

MEPs want to lift online geoblocking for Spotify and ebooks

MEPs in the Internal Market Committee approved geoblocking rules that could open up access to music streaming sites and ebook sales across the EU, going beyond the European Commission's proposal and setting up a fight with industry groups.
e-Commerce 21-03-2017

Deal in sight for Amazon in e-books case against EU

An imminent commitments decision in the Amazon e-books case would help both parties avoid an escalation which would be in neither of their interests, according to sector experts. EURACTIV’s partner PaRR reports.
Euro & Finance 01-12-2016

Under pressure from national governments, Commission lowers VAT rates for e-books

Booksellers will be able to sell e-books with low VAT rates to match the discounts already applied to paper books under a change to EU tax law announced today (1 December).
Technology 25-05-2016

Spotify spared from Commission’s geoblocking plans for now

The European Commission has narrowly avoided a showdown with the music industry and e-book publishers over its new plans to stop e-commerce firms charging buyers more if they live in certain EU countries.
Languages & Culture 20-05-2015

MEPs demand urgent VAT reduction for e-books

Members of the European Parliament have asked the Commission to take urgent action to align VAT rates for electronic books and press with those applied to paper publications. But no reform will take place before 2016. EURACTIV France reports
Languages & Culture 25-03-2015

EU court ruling on e-books opens VAT Pandora’s Box

A ruling this month by the EU's top court on e-books taxation in France and Luxembourg has forced the European Commission to embark on a tricky reform of European VAT rules. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 22-02-2013

EU takes France, Luxembourg to court over low VAT on e-books

The European Commission is taking France and Luxembourg to court for applying reduced tax rates on the sale of electronic books, which the EU executive says breaks current EU rules.
Competition 14-12-2012

Amazon wins EU e-book pricing battle against Apple

The European Commission closed an antitrust inquiry into e-book prices yesterday (13 December) after Apple and four international publishers agreed to ease pricing restrictions on Amazon and other retailers.
Competition 12-04-2012

Publishers urge EU to close e-books probe

Apple and four international publishers have sent proposals to the European Commission to try to solve an e-books anti-trust case, a Commission statement said yesterday (11 April).
Competition 07-12-2011

Brussels probes publishers, Apple for price-fixing on eBooks

The Commission yesterday (6 December) launched an investigation into potential price fixing between e-book publishers and Apple Inc, to examine whether rival publishers were blocked or consumers harmed.
Languages & Culture 21-09-2011

Commission brokers agreement for mass digitisation

Books that have been gathering dust on library bookshelves can now be transformed into eBooks, according  to a pan European agreement signed by libraries, publishers and rightsholders yesterday (20 September). 
Languages & Culture 02-03-2011

EU raids eBook publishers on antitrust suspicion

The premises of several European publishing houses suspected of fixing the prices of their eBooks were searched yesterday (1 March) in dawn raids by EU competition authorities.