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Agrifood 05-03-2020

AMR: Foodborne superbugs harder to beat, EU agencies say

Foodborne bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. Coli are getting harder to treat as they are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics used to beat them, two EU agencies warned in a report published on Tuesday (3 March).
Health 21-03-2016

Commission urged to rectify Romania dairy error

Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș clarified on Monday (21 March) that a health alert, initially raised by Italian authorities, was erroneously made by the European Commission, as it concerned only one dairy company, not all of Romanian cheese production. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Health 16-02-2016

Romania in public health scare

A severe digestive infection has struck infants and children in Romania, with two fatalities recorded so far. Bucharest hopes these are not the first days of a serious public health crisis. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Health 04-07-2013

Lawmakers vote to strengthen response to cross-border health threats

The Parliament on Wednesday (3 July) voted to strengthen legislation on the EU's alert and response system to pandemics. The text introduces an early-warning system, facilitates the joint purchase of vaccines and will make it possible to declare an EU-wide emergency in the event of a crisis.
Global Europe 15-06-2011

EU-Russia ‘vegetable summit’ leaves bad aftertaste

A compromise agreement reached between European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to allow imports of European vegetables to Russia following the E.coli crisis appears only to have further complicated the problem rather than helped solve it. 
Agrifood 14-06-2011

German authorities blame ‘bad luck’ in E.coli deaths

Germany has finally pinned down the deadly E.coli outbreak to contaminated bean sprouts and shoots grown at an organic farm in northern Germany. But officials said they do not plan to take legal action against the organic grower, saying the contamination was down to "bad luck".
Health 08-06-2011

EU to increase aid offer to farmers hit by E.coli

The European Commission may increase its proposed €150 million of aid to farmers hit by plummeting demand after the deadly E.coli outbreak.
Health 07-06-2011

E.coli: EU’s rapid alert comes under scrutiny

Beansprouts from a north German farm tested negative for the mystery E.coli on Monday (6 June), as EU health ministers meeting in Luxembourg considered changes to the bloc's rapid alert system.
Trade & Society 03-06-2011

Deadly E.coli bacteria spurs trade row with Russia

A highly infectious new strain of E.coli bacteria is causing a deadly outbreak of food poisoning in Germany, scientists said yesterday (2 June), with cases in United States also spreading alarm worldwide. Meanwhile, Russia has banned all vegetable imports from Spain and Germany.
Health 31-05-2011

Cucumber death toll rises, trade tensions mount

The source of E.coli in cucumbers which has caused 14 deaths and infected hundreds remained a mystery yesterday (30 May) as scientists sought to speed up testing mechanisms and tensions rose over trade in European vegetables.