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Technology 28-04-2022

Commission mulls digitalisation of visa system to fill in skills gap

The Schengen visa system is set to be fully digitalised under a new Commission proposal which would funnel applications and payments through a single platform. 
Smart cities 16-07-2021

Germany still lagging far behind on e-government, open data

In Germany, e-government and open data remain largely untapped potentials despite holding enormous economic opportunities and being basic prerequisites for smarter cities, a recently published OECD study shows. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Technology 24-06-2021

EU countries facing common challenges on e-governance, says Portuguese minister

European governments are facing similar problems in terms of the ethical use of technology, ageing public servants and the need to attract young talent to public administration, Portugal's public administration minister has told EURACTIV.
Broadband 09-06-2021

Recovery plan analysis says EU will fall short of meeting 2030 digital targets

An analysis of 12 recovery plans submitted by European Union member states and seen by EURACTIV ahead of publication indicates that the investment proposed will see the bloc falling radically short of the digital targets it has set itself for the end of the decade.
Technology 22-10-2020

Incoming Portuguese Presidency calls for ‘significant’ investment into e-Government

The incoming Portuguese Presidency of the EU says that one of its priorities for its six-month stint chairing the EU Council is to foster the uptake of digital tools for governments across the bloc and that 'significant' funds from the EU's recovery package should be allocated to this field.
Central Asia 29-05-2018

Minister: Developing digital economy is matter of national security for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is developing its digital technologies in many fields, such as the economy, agriculture or administration, and the Central Asian country also wants to become a pioneer in digital innovation, with the creation of technology hubs and parks.
Technology 20-09-2017

Estonia’s top tech official: EU states should integrate their digital systems

Estonia is trying to convince European ministers to agree on the “once only” principle. That means that if one member state has information about a citizen, another member state should not ask for it again, the country’s chief information officer told EURACTIV Slovakia.
Data protection 13-04-2017

Romanian EU-funded project accused of data protection violations

The Romanian government has been accused of bias in its awarding of EU funding to the country’s intelligence services. The e-Governance project is also facing serious allegations that it violates European and domestic laws on personal data protection.
Competition 06-05-2015

Europe’s digital revolution

The Digital Single Market is our chance to compete with the US on knowledge and innovation, writes Eva Paunova.
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Infographic: How Digital is the EU in 2015?
Technology 12-03-2015

INFOGRAPHIC: How Digital is the EU in 2015?

The European Commission has published new data analysing and ranking how digital EU member states are. The Digital Economy and Society Index 2015 measures digital performance and competitiveness across five dimensions:
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Public Affairs 29-01-2015

EurActory: Who matters in EU policy-making?

Today’s EU policy makers are overwhelmed with information from civil society, business representatives, lobbyists or think tanks.
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EU experts looking for clarity in EU information

In a workshop held at EURACTIV's headquarters, EU experts gave their thoughts on making the data on EU affairs more accessible and making the process more efficient. 
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Future EU 20-09-2013

eParticipation in the EU – Engaging Citizens in Policy Issues

eParticipation showcases how Web-based eParticipation initiatives, such as Puzzled by Policy [www.puzzledbypolicy.eu] and OurSpace [www.joinourspace.eu], can enhance traditional participation mechanisms, by providing accessibility, transparency, and real-time interaction.
Elections 17-09-2013

New technologies are key to foster EU transparency and participation

The EU should make better use of new technologies to improve its democratic decision making, transparency and participation. This is key in an election year, at a time when the sense of trust among citizens in its institutions is at an all-time low, writes Marietje Schaake.
Regional Policy 17-02-2012

Cash-strapped regions hesitate to jump on cloud bandwagon

The promise of a leaner, more efficient administration and innovative online services to citizens is making cloud computing an attractive solution for local governments. However, some are still reluctant to jump on the new IT bandwagon, fearing data protection issues and high investment costs.
Brexit 18-11-2010

Microsoft: Cloud computing heralds ‘technology revolution’

Europe's biggest competitive challenges for the future are "the two Ds" – debt levels in many countries and demographics or ageing populations, according to Jan Muehlfeit, Microsoft's chairman for Europe, who believes part of the solution lies in cloud computing.
Technology 21-04-2010

EU eGovernment push ‘threatens Microsoft supremacy’

EU telecoms ministers took an important step towards diluting the market dominance of Microsoft's Office software on Monday (19 April) when they agreed to roll out online services using more interoperable document formats, according to Brussels-based competition lawyers.
Competition 10-06-2008

Kroes calls for open standards in eGovernment

In an unusual move, EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes today (10 June) backed the use of open software for eGovernment and called on public authorities not to impose proprietary standards on citizens.
Technology 30-01-2008

E-gov: When the town hall has all the answers you need

The European Commission has just nominated the "Hands" project, aimed at facilitating communication between citizens and public administrations, as the best e-government initiative of 2007. But while "Hands" is yet to be applied, for over a year citizens in the Belgian city of Waterloo have been able to ask for information from the town hall through an easy-to-use robot.
Technology 24-01-2008

Microsoft in push to establish e-Government standard

The US software giant has launched a new set of products aimed at standardising the provision of online services to citizens by public administrations. But while Microsoft says the move will help address the fragmentation of Internet services offered by local authorities, competitors argue it may pose a threat to the development of alternative software.
Technology 24-09-2007

Award winners demonstrate range of eGovernment services

A portal for the catering sector, a project for refurbishing computers and donating them to schools, hospitals and associations, a government portal and a back-office application for better interoperation between government services are the winners of the 2007 European eGovernment Awards. 
Technology 05-09-2007

eGovernment ‘all about trust and transparency’

In order to perform, eGovernment services need to be strongly underpinned by citizen trust and government transparency, a study commissioned by DG Information Society has found.
Technology 05-09-2007


The aim of eGovernment - one of the key objectives laid out in the Commission's i2010 Action plan - is to bring administrations closer to citizens and businesses by providing online public services; a goal that was to be achieved by 2005.
Technology 06-07-2006

e-Government in Europe makes a big leap

Online government services such as registering a car, applying for a building permission or paying social contributions, has made big progress, a survey for the Commission finds.