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Health 08-02-2017

Andriukaitis: ‘Rare cancers present a particular challenge’

The European Commission’s priority when tackling rare cancers such as sarcomas is to ensure European Reference Networks (ERNS) are put in place so that all patients have access to the best expertise available in the EU, Vytenis Andriukaitis told Euractiv.com in an interview.
Health 14-02-2011

Former commissioner: Countries have to take ‘ownership’ of e-health

Across Europe, national and local governments are experimenting with e-health initiatives to help relieve demand for healthcare services. But many challenges remain, says David Byrne, who served as the EU's health commissioner from 1999-2004.
Health 21-10-2010

EU health chief: ‘eHealth is no science fiction’

New EU laws allowing patients to travel across borders for health care will be crucial to putting in place the legal framework for the development of e-health services in Europe, according to EU Health Commissioner John Dalli.
Health 26-07-2010

Industry leader: Health care ‘should be designed like car insurance’

Decentralisation of health care and according more responsibility to citizens would set the best conditions for the uptake of new technologies Javier Mur, managing director of Accenture's health operations, told EURACTIV in a recent interview.
Health 28-01-2010

Microsoft: ‘Robotic doctor’ to cut health costs in poor countries

A leading figure in the information technology sector believes virtual doctors can help raise health standards in the developing world. Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft, says world population growth means low-cost technologies must become accessible for billions of people.
Health 22-09-2009

Expert: eHealth may have ‘disruptive impact’

The potential of technology to fundamentally change how health care is delivered could help curb runaway medical inflation, but some doctors and hospital managers view it as a threat, eHealth expert Dr. Michael Tremblay told EURACTIV in an interview.

Microsoft: E-health will drive future innovation

Corporations will pump billions of euros into e-health R&D in a bid to steal a march on competitors in a sector expected to be a major driver of economic growth, Pamela Passman, corporate vice-president at Microsoft, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Health 07-05-2008

Denz: EU eHealth strategies ‘not connected to reality’

The EU's top-down agenda setting on eHealth strategy is not connected to reality, argues the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Health 15-02-2008

Lebeau: ‘Benefits of medical devices ignored’

Health care systems should reimburse medical devices to support innovation in this booming sector, which, according to the European medical technology industry association (Eucomed), is going to help eHealth and bring solutions faster than the pharmaceutical industry. 

Doctors unconvinced by eHealth policy

Doctors feel they have been excluded from the EU's eHealth policy, argues Daniel Mart from the European doctors' association, who says the competitiveness of the European eHealth industry has taken priority over proven benefits to patients and health systems. 
Health 27-06-2006

e-Health Alliance leader: Open standards and interoperability are key

As the director of Healthcare Device Standards and Interoperability for the Intel Corporation, David Whitlinger is responsible for the chip maker's healthcare device interoperability strategies and the standards development to support those strategies. He is also at the helm of a cross-industry consortium, the Continua Health Alliance, which says it want to establish "an eco-system of interoperable, personal telehealth systems".