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Health 08-09-2020

A new start for healthcare systems

The COVID-19 crisis has put the resilience and agility of European health systems to the test in an unprecedented way, and has reminded us about the crucial importance of health and wellbeing for our societies. Nathalie Moll is the Director...
Health 08-03-2017

Commission’s digital health strategy will help EU patients

A new European Commission task force aimed at further developing the digital strategy in health will significantly help Europe’s healthcare systems and thus their patients, writes Denis Horgan.
Health 06-08-2004

Public Value and e-Health

This report from the UK institute for public policy research (IPPR) argues that the benefits of ICT to health services could be huge but risk being jeopardised by a failure to provide evidence of impact.
Health 12-07-2004

Mapping the potential of e-health: Empowering the citizen through e-health tools and services

This EIPA research report gives a brief history of e-health, details potential challenges for the future of e-health, how to meet them, and provides examples of European best practice.
Health 08-02-2002

Health On-line – The Best Will Get Bigger

Health On-line – The Best Will Get Bigger “The major medical centers of the United States already have the best brands, the best performance records, and the most customers. The Internet could make these institutions even more successful.” The McKinsey...