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Digital & Media 01-11-2007

EU web security watchdog sets sights on ‘MySpace’

The booming popularity of social networking sites raises several security issues that must be tackled with educational campaigns and updated legislation, recommends the EU agency for network and information security ENISA.
Transport 19-09-2007

EU mulls compulsory safety-technology for cars

As most member states fail to make any significant progress on reducing the number of road deaths and as Europe's congestion and pollution problems worsen, the Commission says that more should be done to exploit the potential benefits offered by integrating information and communication technologies into all vehicles.
Transport 19-09-2007

‘ICT key to curbing road deaths, pollution and congestion’

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services have the potential to resolve many of Europe's mobility-related problems, ERTICO-ITS Europe Director for Development & Deployment Michael Nielsen tells EURACTIV. But he stresses that EU and member state authorities have to work harder to provide the necessary incentives for the take-up of these life-saving technologies.
Digital & Media 28-04-2006

Parliament backs emergency calls in cars

The European Parliament gave its backing to the introduction of 'eCall' by 2009, an automated emergency dial technology that "could save up to 2,500 lives a year" and reduce severity of injuries by up to 15%.
Digital & Media 17-09-2002

Presentation of first results working group on eSafety

On September 16 Commissioner Liikanen presented the progress and first results of the joint industry and European Commission Working Group on eSafety.