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Digital & Media 10-04-2019

‘Five Star’ guru bets on blockchain to fix party’s e-voting platform

Blockchain technologies could help to ensure transparency on the controversial voting platform where Five Star Movement's activists make decisions, said the software owner's Davide Casaleggio in Brussels on Tuesday (9 April).
Elections 23-03-2017

Irish referendum could allow voting abroad, following 23 EU countries

The Irish government outlined details yesterday (22 March) for a referendum that could give citizens abroad the right to vote in presidential elections, and possibly bring Ireland in line with 23 other EU countries.
European election top candidates like Martin Schulz, hoped putting a face on the election would motivate voters to polls. Germany, 2014 [Travelswiss1/Flickr]

SPD mulls supermarket voting booths to boost election turnout

Fewer and fewer German citizens are going to the polls, a trend officials attribute to the rigid rules in the voting system. The social democrats are now considering more innovative models, including mimicking Sweden's practice of voting "while out shopping". EURACTIV Germany reports.
Antonio Mugica [Smartmatic/YouTube]
Economy & Jobs 01-08-2014

e-Democracy entrepreneur: ‘Online voting will boom in coming years’

More and more governments are introducing tools to have citizens vote electronically and via the internet in elections. The next step, according to the e-democracy entrepreneur, Antonio Mugica, is creating tools for people to engage with lawmakers on a daily basis.
Elections 12-05-2010

Estonian diplomat: E-voting can be tricky

Electronic voting (e-voting) in elections can help increase voter turnout and is technically safe. But it is also exposed to human vulnerabilities like voting pressure from political parties, Miko Haljas, Estonia's ambassador to Budapest, told EURACTIV Hungary in an interview.
Digital & Media 13-10-2005

Estonia first country in the world to introduce internet voting

In local government council elections to be held on 16 October 2005, voters in Estonia will be the first in the world to have the choice of voting either from their homes over the internet or in a traditional booth. 
Security 18-05-2005

Biometrics & democracy [Archived]

Biometrics are becoming more and more prominent in discussions about how society will look in the future. This dossier looks at their projected use in voting systems across Europe.
Politics 15-03-2004

Irish e-voting system under scrutiny due to concerns about fraud

An independent committee is looking into the alleged security flaws of an e-voting system set to be used for the next European and regional elections. The report is due out on 1 May.
Elections 18-07-2003

Use of online voting growing, but disputes remain

Electronic voting, or e-vote, is becoming a buzzword among those who believe that the public would be more likely to cast their votes or state their stance if they could do so electronically.