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Future EU 23-02-2022

Ukraine and the future of Europe: some questions to the EU Member states

One of the priorities of the Conference on the Future of Europe is “EU in the world”. The Ukraine crisis poses many questions about what is and what should be the EU role in the world.  Roberto Castaldi is the...
Global Europe 07-02-2022

With such members, who needs foes?

Much has been said about the devious divide-and-rule tactics of adversaries like Russia and China, but one should never underestimate the debilitating capacity of the EU to divide itself, writes Steven Blockmans.  
Europe's East 02-02-2022

Germany’s special path is destroying Europe

Germany's elite showing understanding for Russia's supposedly justified security concerns is a recipe for disaster when it comes to resolving the Ukraine crisis, write Elmar Brok and Christian Moos.
Europe's East 01-02-2022

A united West must safeguard Ukraine

As long as engagement and presenting a united European front is still possible on the Ukraine crisis, there remains an opportunity to give peace a chance, writes Charles Tannock.
Energy 31-01-2022

To deter Russia, threaten its role in the green economy

Nord Stream 2 is a poor lever to deter Russian aggression in Ukraine. To hit Russia where it hurts, Europe should instead leverage its regulatory might, in partnership with the United States, and threaten to shut it out from the new energy economy, writes Nikos Tsafos.
Europe's East 04-01-2022

Parallels between the crises in Ukraine and in the Balkans

The enemy of Putin's Russia is stability, and its real interest is the constant maintenance of tensions, if necessary with occasional military actions, so that it remains a factor that you must call if you want a solution, writes Orhan Dragaš.
Europe's East 08-12-2021

Countering Russia’s false narrative: Putin’s menacing squeeze of Ukraine

Faced by continued Russian aggression towards Ukraine, the transatlantic community must stand firm, writes Matthew Bryza.