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Economy & Jobs 14-12-2020

Repayable support: no silver bullet but a means to tackle EU funds graft

Increasing the role of loans and guarantees utilised to narrow the disparities between European regions may help combat the misuse of EU funds but cannot replace the role of accountability, transparency and sound domestic institutions.
Railways 16-01-2020

Turkey’s railways set for EBRD boost

Europe’s Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) expects to increase its €1 billion of investment in Turkey in the coming year, with railways slated to get a funding boost.
Energy 14-01-2019

UK revealed as EU champion of fossil fuel subsidies

The United Kingdom spends the most in the EU on subsidising fossil fuels, according to a new report by the European Commission, which also found that EU-wide payments have failed to decrease despite the bloc’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Central Asia 19-11-2018

Uzbekistan announces ambition to become major tourist destination

Uzbek officials and foreign guests issued a clear message on Monday (19 November) that developing tourism has become a major priority for Uzbekistan, a landlocked country in Central Asia with great landscapes and a very rich historical heritage.
Central Asia 20-06-2018

EBRD ‘excited’ about Kazakhstan’s modernisation

Europe's reconstruction and development bank is excited about investing in Kazakhstan under the announced third stage of the country’s modernisation, always looking to combine investment with policy reform and technical advice, the head of the bank’s Brussels office said on Tuesday (19 June).
Central Asia 09-03-2018

Another environmental catastrophe is looming in Central Asia

The EU as a soft power should convince other donors to make the funds available to decontaminate old uranium mines in Central Asia, writes Adrian De Meer.
Brexit 06-03-2018

EBRD ‘has more than 10 offers’ to relocate

More than 10 countries have offered to host a new office for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, should it decide to move some of its staff out of London, the bank’s finance chief, Andras Simor, said on Monday (5 March).
Enlargement 27-02-2018

EBRD: Western Balkans could take up to 200 years to catch up with EU

Western Balkans countries need to tackle their low productivity and speed up reforms, the EBRD said on Monday, warning it could otherwise take them up to 200 years to catch up with the living standards of the EU states they hope to join.
Energy 24-11-2017

Europe’s murky Eastern energy deals

Millions of euros in public money are being invested in large infrastructure projects in the EU’s eastern neighbours in total disregard for Europe’s climate goals, and local communities, writes Manana Kochladze.
Economy & Jobs 12-05-2017

China and Europe: Together we can make a difference

Ahead of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF), to be held in Beijing this weekend, H.E. Ambassador Yang Yanyi, head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, explains what can be expected.
Energy 16-09-2016

Naftogaz says charter change threatens gas purchases from Europe

Ukraine has changed the charter of Naftogaz in violation of a deal with foreign creditors, in a move that could hold up a $500 million loan for vital gas purchases from Europe, the state-run energy firm said on Friday (16 September).
Euro & Finance 22-04-2016

Time for a serious re-think as EBRD celebrates 25th birthday

When the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) started operating in 1991, it seemed like the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union would transition to market economies with help from the bank. However, it has not gone as planned, writes Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath.
Climate change 20-02-2015

Balkan dam boom threatens Europe’s last wild waterways

More is known about rivers in the Amazon than Europe’s last wild waterways in the Balkans. But these unique ecosystems in southeast Europe could soon be gone, along with endangered species such as the Balkan lynx, if plans for over 2,000 dams go ahead, conservationists warn.
Europe's East 16-07-2014

Ukraine submits evidence of Russian covert action

EXCLUSIVE / EU leaders are set to adopt further sanctions against Russia at their summit tonight (16 July). Hours before the meeting, Ukraine submitted proof of Russia’s support for the separatists. EURACTIV has seen part of this information, and is publishing relevant selections.
Global Europe 04-07-2014

EU mulls halting EIB, EBRD funding to Moscow

European Union governments have discussed halting or restricting funding for new projects in Russia through two multilateral lenders, as they seek to raise pressure on Moscow to support a peace plan for Ukraine, officials said Thursday (3 July).
Energy 25-07-2013

EIB restricts lending for fossil fuel projects, with exceptions

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has raised the bar on criteria that must be met for funding future fossil-fuel projects in a new energy lending policy, approved by bank shareholders – mostly EU member states – at a board meeting in Luxembourg on 23 July. 
Energy 19-07-2013

It will be a dark day for Europe if the EIB’s new lending policy is vetoed

The European Investment Bank’s draft lending policy guidelines offer a significant step forward for environmentally responsible practice and must be supported, writes Ingrid Holmes.
Energy 08-07-2013

Hedegaard urges development banks to divest from fossil fuels

Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has called for development banks with a combined annual lending pot of €130 billion to end support for fossil fuels in their energy lending policy reviews.
Climate change 21-12-2012

EIB signs €440-million loan guarantee for controversial coal plant

The European Investment Bank has signed a €440-million loan guarantee with the Slovenian government for a crisis-plagued 600 megawatt lignite TEŠ 6 coal plant, but the deal could yet be sunk by concerns about the climate and corruption.
Central Europe 17-01-2012

EBRD warns of capital outflow from Eastern Europe

There is growing consensus among financial regulators and institutions about the need to for a new Vienna Initiative to curb the outflow of capital from emerging Europe, a senior banking official said today (17 January).
Central Europe 11-01-2010

New fund to buy toxic assets in Eastern Europe

The World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and fund manager CRG Capital said today (11 January) they had launched a fund to buy toxic assets in Central and Eastern Europe hit by the global financial crisis.
Enlargement 24-06-2005

EBRD head urges ‘clarity’ on EU’s enlargement prospects

The current "lack of clarity" about the EU's enlargement prospects makes it "more and more difficult" to promote reforms in the candidate and applicant countries, said EBRD President Jean Lemierre.

EBRD’s transport policy not sustainable enough, says NGO

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has tried to fend off accusations that it is supporting projects in central and eastern Europe which place too much emphasis on road transport.
Enlargement 10-11-2004

Transition economies show high growth figures

According to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the former Communist economies will continue their rapid growth in 2004-2005, although many have developed symptoms of "reform fatigue".