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EU Central Bank should step up its climate act, French MEP says

In an interview with EURACTIV France, socialist MEP Pierre Larrouturou deplored the meagre €7.5 billion proposed in the European Commission's Just Transition Fund. To finance EU climate action, he suggests some of the ECB's "easy money" could fuel the European Investment Bank (EIB) instead of going into private banks.
Economy & Jobs 07-05-2019

Austrian chief economist: ‘A lot can still be done to complete the euro zone’

The Austrian national bank (OeNB) hosted its annual conference on 20 years of the euro on 2 and 3 May. In an interview with EURACTIV, the bank's chief economist explains how the euro zone debt crisis changed the economic "tool box" of the EU currency and spells out the challenges ahead.
Economic governance 22-08-2017

HSBC economist: Europe’s south can live with a strong euro

HSBC Germany’s chief economist still sees a bright future for the euro and insists that the heavily-indebted countries of southern Europe should not be put off by the resurgent single currency, in an interview with EURACTIV’s partner WirtschaftsWoche.
Euro & Finance 14-02-2017

Eurogroup deputy: ‘Grexit is a non-issue’

Eurogroup Working Group President Thomas Wieser told Euractiv Germany that he remains confident the IMF will participate in the Greek bailout programme and that ‘Grexit’ is not even an issue.
Jakob von Weizsäcker (SPD)
Euro & Finance 22-04-2016

German MEP: ‘Governments blame ECB to cover own political failures’

The European Central Bank's (ECB) controversial policy of ultra-low interest rates continues to draw criticism and German politicians in particular have demanded its president, Mario Draghi, bring them to an end. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Xavier Timbeau: ‘The Juncker Plan is not working’

The independent Annual Growth Survey group (iAGS) highlights the need for investment, in order to secure Europe's economic recovery. French economist Xavier Timbeau says that Juncker Plan has not delivered.
Euro & Finance 26-06-2015

Stathakis: ‘We have made more reforms in five months than previous governments did in five years’

Giorgos Stathakis, Greece's Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism, spoke to La Tribune about his country's negotiations with its creditors.
Euro & Finance 22-04-2015

Mark Dawson: The conditions for another rupture of the eurozone are there

The sense of urgency surrounding the institutional reform of the eurozone has passed. This is dangerous, says Professor Mark Dawson, because of its instutional flaws.
Future EU 22-12-2011

Jo Leinen: Crisis could be chance for European project

The proposed 'fiscal compact' treaty currently being negotiated overly emphasises austerity and is insufficient to resolve the economic difficulties, says German MEP Jo Leinen. However the unprecedented attention brought to the EU by the crisis also presents an opportunity for European federalists to make their case to the public, he says.
Euro & Finance 08-12-2011

Schulz: Merkel-Sarkozy, the couple of contradictions

Going for a treaty change is unnecessary and the proposal submitted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy being discussed at the EU summit today (8 December) is unveiling the disaccord of the German-French couple, Martin Schulz, leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Euro & Finance 19-09-2011

US economist: ‘European incoherence’ hampering euro’s rise as world currency

The euro's rise as an international exchange and reserve currency is being slowed by the incoherence of European monetary and fiscal policy, said economist Barry Eichengreen in an interview with EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 24-06-2011

Liberal MEP: You can never guarantee that default is ‘orderly’

The United Kingdom is the third-largest lender to Greece and must accept its responsibilities by supporting the country's bailout, says British Liberal Democrat MEP Graham Watson, adding that any solution linked to an 'orderly default' is too risky.
Euro & Finance 24-06-2011

Green MEP: An early, orderly default is best for Greece

Greece cannot repay its debts and the best solution would be an early orderly default, Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts from the European Green Party told EURACTIV in an interview conducted at the EU summit on 24 June.
Euro & Finance 10-05-2007

Professor de Grauwe on ECB policies

Criticism of the European Central Bank by Nicolas Sarkozy is "ill founded" argues Professor Paul de Grauwe. In this interview, he speaks about the ECB's policies, eurozone enlargement and why central banks hide the "cost of cash".