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Ecolabels have lost all credibility, report claims

Lack of transparency, oversights, confusion… A report by the Dutch Foundation Changing Markets, published on 3 May, reveals the inefficiency of environmental labels, particularly for seafood, textiles and palm oil. EURACTIV's partner Le Journal de l'environnement reports.
Public Affairs 01-02-2017

New remanufacturing trade body launched to advise EU policy

The European Remanufacturing Council (ERC), a new industry-led body, was launched on Friday (27 January) to represent businesses currently producing £25.5bn (€29.8bn) worth of remanufactured goods that contribute to the circular economy. Euractiv's media partner edie.net reports.

Light bulbs eco label misused, green NGO claims

"Eco" branded light bulbs are not as energy efficient as advertised in stores across the EU, an investigation conducted by environmental group Coolproducts has found.
Climate change 29-10-2013

Commission to regulate flushing of toilets and urinals

The European Commission will adopt criteria next week on delivering an ecolabel to toilets and urinals, EURACTIV has learned. The decision comes after years of efforts by experts working for the European Commission's environment directorate, as well as "stakeholders" studying “user behaviour” and “best practices”.

Europeans ‘confused by green claims’: Survey

Some 80% of Europeans are concerned by the environmental impact of their purchases but only one-quarter say they “often” buy green products, reveals the latest EU opinion poll.
Energy 19-09-2012

Oettinger feels the heat on boiler labelling rules

The meaningful energy labelling of household heating boilers is being gutted behind the scenes, green campaigners have warned, saying this could undermine the EU's 2020 target to cut energy consumption by 20%.

Carbon labelling finds favour with Europeans

An overwhelming majority of Europeans would like to see their purchases tagged with a label stating the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted during a product's lifetime, a new Eurobarometer survey found.
Climate change 03-04-2009

Parliament gives green light to wider eco-label

The European Parliament yesterday (2 April) officially endorsed a first-reading agreement on extending the EU's eco-label scheme to new products, including processed food.
Energy 18-02-2009

Parliament paves way for wider eco-design product list

MEPs yesterday (17 February) backed European Commission proposals to extend the scope of the Eco-design Directive and the Ecolabel, but rejected proposals to include food products in the plans.
Health 13-05-2002

Study shows that eco-labels have an effect on consumer behaviour

A recent Danish study shows that consumers are willing to pay extra for products they know are more sustainable.