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Economy & Jobs 26-11-2020

The ECB Strategy Review – exorcising the ghosts of crises past

The European Central Bank's strategy review is a chance for the EU to exorcise its past mistakes in developing monetary union, writes Anna Peychev.
Economy & Jobs 14-02-2020

Time for a stronger and more sustainable Economic and Monetary Union

Despite continuous efforts by all decision-makers to reform and strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) believes that its architecture still remains to be completed, writes Stefano Palmieri.
Economy & Jobs 09-01-2018

In 2018, expect the euro area economy to put on the brakes – but not for the reason you may think

The euro area economy has at last started to begin recovering convincingly from the past decade’s two recessions. But two big factors will moderate growth in 2018, writes Ilaria Maselli, citing the ageing workforce in Germany as being of particular concern.
Euro & Finance 15-07-2016

Correcting the eurozone’s imbalances could save the EU

The eurozone’s problems are not just caused by poor management in the South, but by its asymmetrical architecture and unfair implementation of the rules. A fiscal capacity would level the playing field and answer the Eurosceptics, writes Ernest Maragall.
Andrew Duff
Global Europe 14-01-2016

The Frankfurt Protocol: Calling for a new treaty for the eurozone

Faced with a series of unprecedented difficulties, the EU has little choice but to move forward swiftly to the next stage of integration. The way to do that is through treaty change, argues Anfrew Duff in his latest pamphlet 'The Frankfurt Protocol'.
Euro & Finance 09-12-2015

Towards a stronger euro area: Sharing risk and sovereignty

What would a proposed “European Fiscal Union” look like, and would it be successful? ask Jörg Haas and Katharina Gnath.
French President and German Chancellor address a solemn plenary session in Strasbourg on 22 November 1989 following the fall of the Berlin's Wall
EU Priorities 2020 02-10-2015

A Franco-German duet in front of a fractious Parliament

Those who wish Europe well will be hoping that Merkel can emulate Kohl’s leadership, and that Hollande can cut a more commanding figure than the wily Mitterrand, writes Andrew Duff.
EU flag with pound sign
Brexit 25-06-2015

The eurozone’s Five Presidents’ report, and what it means for Britain

Between the lines, the new ‘five presidents’ report’ on the future of EMU tells an interesting story about how eurozone leaders see their future together. Britain should take note, writes Renaud Thillaye.
Carmelo Cedrone and Joost Van Iersel, Rapporteurs on the recent EESC Own-initiative Opinion "Completing EMU: The political pillar"
Euro & Finance 17-06-2015

Completing the European Monetary Union

In order to support Europe's position in the world, concrete initiatives must be undertaken that strengthen the European Monetary Union (EMU), writes Joost van Iersel.
Euro & Finance 09-03-2015

A solution for temporary debt mutualisation in the eurozone

The ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions Programme (OMT) has offered welcome relief for many eurozone countries struggling with high debt levels. But the destruction of capital market discipline bears considerable risks, write Clemens Fuest and Friedrich Heinemann. To address this, the authors propose the introduction of a new form of junior government bonds, "accountability bonds".
Anne Perrot

What can economists say about the ‘Macron Law’?

Freeing up certain sectors and activities, encouraging investment and modifying some aspects of work legislation to increase employment, as proposed in the "Macron Law", provided for hot discussions in France, writes Anne Perrot.
Global Europe 12-01-2015

The EU needs a fresh boost… fast!

The European authorities appointed in the wake of the 2014 elections have an historic, not to say overwhelming, task ahead of them, write Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, and António Vitorino.
Mario Draghi is the President of the European Central Bank.
Euro & Finance 06-01-2015

Stability and prosperity in Monetary Union

There is a common misconception that the euro area is a monetary union without a political union. This reflects a deep misunderstanding of what monetary union means, writes Mario Draghi. 
Euro & Finance 02-01-2014

Will genuine monetary union be a fiscal or stability union?

Before Christmas (19th-20th December), European heads of state and government met in Brussels for the European Council, to discuss plans for a “genuine” Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). But what started as a promising plan appears to have been stripped-down intensively in scope, writes Björn Hacker.

Social dimension of the EMU: the road half taken

At this month's European Council (24-25 October), EU leaders are supposed to discuss the social dimension of the economic and monetary union, a proposal launched by the Commission, early October. Ideas are floated, but the initiative lacks ambition and far-reaching steps, writes Andrej Stuchlik.
Brexit 06-05-2013

Britain and the EU: An ever-closer union?

The question of Britain in Europe has been a running sore in British public life for too long, and as such has proved a constant irritant on both sides of the Channel. It needs to be settled, writes Malcolm Rifkind.
Brexit 04-05-2013

Scotland, Britain, the pound and the euro

With the rest of the United Kingdom's GDP ten times that of Scotland, the country's only route would be to join the euro if it wishes to be truly independent, writes Graham Bishop.
Euro & Finance 13-12-2012

Europe’s federal moment will take time

The last four months created an illusion that the worst is over in the eurozone crisis and more attention can be devoted to the project's future, writes Pawe? ?wieboda. However, much remains to be done and the golden rule of the new European Union will be to "Trust and verify", he says.
Euro & Finance 20-11-2012

An EU corporate tax: Breaking the shackles of austerity?

A European-level corporate tax could have bigger and more effective anti-cyclical effects than the financial transaction tax backed by some EU leaders, Ian Begg argues.

On the social dimension of a genuine Economic and Monetary Union

Social convergence should be a key consideration as member states embark on a new round of integration to complete the EMU, otherwise it will result in an intensification of competition between them and social dumping, writes Maria João Rodrigues.
Euro & Finance 06-09-2012

Don’t expect political union anytime soon

More muddling-through in the EU is in the pipeline. If that wasn’t so dangerous, one could somehow live with it. But the problem with muddling-through is that it does not offer a perspective for those countries that are really suffering in this crisis. It does not create hope. Europe is in a bind, writes Jan Techau.
Euro & Finance 30-08-2012

Will a new German constitution save the euro?

On 12 September Germany's constitutional court will issue a preliminary verdict on the European Stability Mechanism and the fiscal compact. Whatever the court does, the debate about a new, pro-European constitution will hot up this autumn. But do not be fooled: Germany is still a very long way from agreeing to eurobonds, says Katinka Barysch.
EU Priorities 2020 22-08-2012

Slowly but surely on the path towards a federal European Union

Shared responsibility and solidarity are the two key words that will steer the European debate in the coming years as the European Union slowly moves towards a federal model, writes Didier Reynders.
Public Affairs 21-08-2012

Will the euro sink into public oblivion?

The time has come to give the euro a political perspective and bring about a sense of common European destiny in a changing world, writes Pierre Defraigne.