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  • PIGS threaten EU’s growth prospects, Commission warns

    News | Euro & Finance 05-02-2016

    Political turbulence in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain is once again threatening Europe's fragile economy, the European Commission warned in its latest economic forecast, published on Thursday (4 February).

  • OECD warns against austerity in the eurozone

    News | Euro & Finance 26-11-2014

    The OECD has thrown its weight behind the argument for relaxing budgetary policy, a position championed in the eurozone by France and Italy. The European Commission is due to publish its judgements on the member states' budget bills on 28 November. EuActiv France reports

  • EU forecasts mild economic growth, warns of high unemployment

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 25-02-2014

    'Recovery in the European Union is gaining ground'. With this message, EU commissioner Olli Rehn launched the bloc's winter economic forecast, showing higher growth in Europe than previously expected.
    Speaking at the European Parliament on Tuesday, Rehn said that the 18 eurozone countries would grow by 1.2% this year and 1.8% in 2015.
    But warning that signs of recovery are still 'modest', Rehn also highlighted that unemployment across the bloc remains too high.

  • Commission confirms economic recovery in latest forecast

    News | Euro & Finance 06-11-2013

    The European economy started to grow again in the second quarter of this year, after contracting in the first quarter, according to the Commission's Autumn European Economic Forecast, published on Tuesday (5 November).

  • Weak growth makes eurozone falter in reining in deficit

    News | Euro & Finance 22-02-2013

    Several eurozone countries are likely to miss deficit cutting targets because of a weak economy, the European Commission is expected to forecast today (22 February), but they may be granted extra leeway rather than face disciplinary action.

  • Economists give Poland a thumbs up

    News | Central Europe 15-05-2012

    The European Commission’s latest economic forecast ranked Poland as the fastest developing EU member state in 2012, although it revised the country's growth estimate downwards for 2013. But analysts appear much more optimistic than the EU executive and insist that the Polish economy will do even better next year.

  • Brussels sees Spain missing budget targets

    News | Euro & Finance 10-05-2012

    ?Spain is set to miss its deficit reduction targets this year and next unless it takes new measures, the European Commission will forecast on Friday (11 May), but Madrid insists the targets will be met, Spanish and EU officials said.

  • EU sets yearly targets for growth in member states

    News | Innovation & Industry 13-01-2011

    To help countries get their budgets in sync, the European Commission on Wednesday (12 January) unveiled its first annual list of growth targets. Member states will use these benchmarks to jawbone nations with risky spending policies to change their flagrant ways.

  • EU worries about renewed credit crunch

    News | Euro & Finance 14-09-2010

    Despite the fact that the EU economy is expected to grow at a rate that is almost double the one forecast in the spring, access to bank credit remains tight for enterprises while constraints are predicted to last longer than previously anticipated, the European Commission said yesterday (13 September).