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  • EU leaders to back IMF shake-up

    Euro & Finance 20-03-2009

    European leaders are set to consider handing over some of their seats at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in exchange for a bigger financial contribution to the fund by emerging economies. The aim is to double the IMF's overall resources to $500 billion to counter the global economic recession.

  • MEP: Parliament will stop Barroso’s stimulus plan

    EU Priorities 2020 13-03-2009

    The European Parliament will mobilise a majority against Commission President José Manuel Barroso's five billion euro stimulus plan, Claude Turmes, vice-president of the Green / European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament, told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • EU seeks fresh funds for Barroso’s stimulus plan

    EU Priorities 2020 09-03-2009

    A Commission plan to spend five billion euro on clean energy and broadband Internet infrastructure projects to help kick-start the economy edged closer to approval last week after demands from key member states were taken onboard, EURACTIV has learned. But there is still doubt as to where the money will come from.

  • Finance ministers get cold feet over EU stimulus plan

    Euro & Finance 03-12-2008

    EU finance ministers have half-heartedly supported the broad terms of a proposed EU plan to fight off the ongoing recession, but removed references to the 200 billion euro figure initially put forward by the European Commission.

  • Commission tables 200 billion euro ‘recovery plan’

    Euro & Finance 27-11-2008

    The European Commission on Wednesday (26 November) suggested that EU countries should spend billions of euro to kick-start their economies, saying it would tolerate higher budget deficits under strict conditions and for a limited period of time.

  • EU to relax budget rules to help kick-start economy

    Euro & Finance 26-11-2008

    Member states will be offered "temporary" flexibility to deviate from the Union's strict budget deficit rules in 2009-2010 under an "economic recovery plan" seen by EURACTIV, set to be unveiled today (26 November) by the European Commission.

  • France and Germany fail to agree on EU stimulus

    Euro & Finance 25-11-2008

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy ruled out joint tax cuts at a meeting yesterday (24 November), underlining Europe's difficulty in developing a coordinated response to the recession ahead of a recovery plan to be unveiled by the European Commission tomorrow (26 November).

  • Merkel warms to EU stimulus plan

    Euro & Finance 21-11-2008

    After early opposition, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now said to support a planned EU-wide stimulus package totalling €130 billion to restart the flagging European economy, according to a government spokesperson.

  • EU prepares massive growth plan worth €130 billion

    Euro & Finance 20-11-2008

    The 27 EU countries will be asked to give away 1% of their GDP to contribute to a Europe-wide economic stimulus package, including loans for automakers, aimed at helping restart the economy and weather the effects of the recession, it emerged yesterday.

  • Europe steers through recession and higher unemployment

    Euro & Finance 14-11-2008

    As world leaders prepare for the G20 meeting in Washington to discuss ways to overcome the financial crisis, Europe's economy took another hit after its two heavyweights, Germany and the UK, reported negative growth and higher unemployment.

  • Commission looks at language skills to boost EU ‘prosperity’

    Languages & Culture 15-09-2008

    The European Commission will present a new EU languages strategy on 18 September, emphasising the importance of language skills in addressing challenges as diverse as globalisation and increased mobility and immigration.

  • France calls for EU response to global slowdown

    Euro & Finance 19-08-2008

    France's Prime Minister François Fillon called yesterday (18 August) for a "coordinated response" by EU governments to the major global economic slowdown, saying his country would propose measures later in September.