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Economy & Jobs 22-02-2017

EU to say French economy out of balance, Germany surplus too high

The European Commission will tell France on Wednesday (22 February) its economy is improving but still has excessive imbalances, while chiding Germany over its current account surplus and warning Italy it must reduce its rising public debt, an EU official said.
Languages & Culture 04-11-2014

25 years after fall of the Berlin Wall, divisions in Germany remain

“Would you like to know more about the history of former East Germany?” 54% of German citizens answered “No” to this question in a recent survey ahead of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, while 6 in 10 Germans were in favour of looking ahead rather than reflecting on GDR history. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 06-11-2013

Barroso urges Germany to act on euro imbalances

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso urged Germany on Tuesday (5 October) to do more to address economic imbalances in the eurozone by opening up its services market and allowing wages to rise at a faster pace.