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EU Priorities 2020 23-02-2009

Economic crisis dims EU enlargement success

The European Union's historic eastward expansion has been an economic and political success, but recession poses a challenge for the bloc's unity, a report from the EU's executive arm said on Friday (20 February).
Brexit 06-10-2006

Study calls for limit on auditors’ financial liabilities

A study initialled by the Commission boosts the case of major accounting firms to gain more protection from ruinous damages claims, but dismisses an EU-wide one-size-fits-all approach.

Buzek backs more R&D on allergic diseases in FP7

Parliament's rapporteur for FP7 wants more focus on allergic diseases. Allergies have negative effects on quality of life and lead to weaker school performance and lower productivity at work.

Always think of consequences, Barroso tells EU officials

New guidelines published by the Commission on impact assessment say officials should look in particular at economic and competitiveness concerns when drafting new legislation.
Climate change 21-10-2004

REACH impact assessment battle rages on

Twelve major industrial sectors have joined forces in their objections to the EU's draft chemicals legislation over competitiveness concerns. The trade and retail sectors have raised similar doubts in a new impact study.
Climate change 18-10-2004

New study predicts lower costs of REACH

A study performed by US academics on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers says REACH will cost around 0.06% of annual sales revenues to the European chemicals industry.
Euro & Finance 06-09-2002

High floods – lasting economic impact?

High floods – lasting economic impact?The devastating floods caused significant damage (estimated at EUR 10 billion) in eastern Germany and a delay of tax cuts. However, the macroeconomic impact on German GDP growth, inflation and budget deficits is likely to...