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Europe's East 22-02-2019

Poland seeks to protect its Ukrainian connection

Although they are vital to the Polish economy, no one really knows how many Ukrainian migrants live in the country.
Economy & Jobs 01-02-2018

Czech government raises quota for fast-lane work permits for Ukrainians

The Czech government agreed yesterday (31 January) to double the number of Ukrainians it was allowing in as fast-track migrant workers to 19,600 per year, aiming to help firms struggling to find workers and facing pressure from the workforce for wage hikes.

1,000 migrants storm border fence at Spanish enclave of Ceuta

More than 1,000 migrants tried to jump a high double fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta yesterday (1 January) in a violent assault that saw one officer lose an eye, local authorities said.

New deaths put Italy on track for sombre migrant records

Italy's coastguard said yesterday (24 October) that another 16 people had died during operations in which 2,200 migrants were rescued off Libya, propelling both deaths at sea and the numbers arriving in Italy towards new highs.

Germany and Italy to step up repatriations of economic migrants

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed Wednesday (1 September) to step up efforts to send migrants with no right to asylum in Europe back to their homelands.
Global Europe 04-03-2016

Tusk warns refugees away from Europe

Speaking in Athens on Thursday (3 March), Council President Donald made a pathetic appeal to 'economic' migrants not to come to Europe.

Commission: Schengen suspension could be extended, 60% of migrants should be sent back

The European Commission today (26 January) said it could agree to a suspension of border-free travel in the Schengen zone of up to two years, and that nearly two thirds of migrants entering the EU in December were not eligible for asylum because they did not come from conflict zones.

Macedonia ‘temporarily’ closes its Greek border to migrants

Macedonia has closed its border with Greece to migrants, police in Skopje said yesterday (20 January), blocking the path of hundreds trying to reach northern Europe.
Andriy Deshchytsia
Europe's East 21-01-2016

Ukraine rejects Polish ‘million refugees’ claim

Ukraine's ambassador to Poland yesterday (12 January) rejected the Polish prime minister's claim that her country hosts a million Ukrainian refugees, saying they were not refugees and could at most be called "economic migrants".

Euro at risk if Schengen collapses, says Juncker

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday (25 November) Europe's single currency will be at risk if the Schengen passport-free travel zone unravels due to member states reimposing border controls to keep refugees out.
Development Policy 08-10-2015

World Bank: Migration can boost global prosperity

The large-scale migration of people from poor countries to richer ones will “reshape economic development for decades” but could help end extreme poverty and increase global prosperity if the flow is properly harnessed and regulated, according to the World Bank.
Development Policy 10-08-2015

Italy to receive most EU funding for migrant crisis

The European Commission today approved €2.4 of aid over six years for countries including Greece and Italy that have struggled to cope with a surge in numbers of immigrants.
Philip Hammond speaking at Conservative Party Conference 2012 [Photo: Conservatives / Flickr]
Brexit 10-08-2015

African migrants threaten EU social infrastructure, says UK’s Hammond

A surge in migrants from Africa threatens the European Union's living standards and social infrastructure, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Sunday (9 August), adding that the bloc was unable to take in millions of people seeking a new life.

Man dies as thousands of migrants storm Channel Tunnel

More than 2,000 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel in an attempt to reach Britain from France, French authorities said on Tuesday (28 July) before a Sudanese man was killed overnight in a second storming of the Tunnel.
Global Europe 26-06-2015

Ad campaign in Albania: German embassy warns against ‘economic asylum’

Germany is a main target country for Albanian asylum seekers. Now, the German embassy in Tirana is warning potential refugees in Albanian newspapers of traffickers and profiteers. Der Tagesspiegel reports.

Big rescue mission saves 4,500 boat migrants

Nearly 4,500 migrants were plucked from boats off the coast of Libya over the weekend and 10 bodies were recovered, Italy's coast guard and navy said, in what looked to be the biggest rescue mission of its kind so far this year.
Economy & Jobs 13-04-2015

Italy picks up another 700 boat migrants

Italian ships have picked up almost 700 migrants in seven inflatable boats and further rescue operations are underway, as calm seas favoured departures from Libya for the Italian coast, the coast guard said on Sunday (12 April).
Development Policy 17-10-2014

Thousands of African child migrants feared in thrall to Italian traffickers

Thousands of migrant children are disappearing after arriving in mainland Europe, triggering concerns that they are falling prey to a new and thriving market for child trafficking and forced labour.

Athens vows to push for integrated migration policy

Aware that some European countries do not view a common migration policy as an immediate priority, Greece is making a point to push for a single asylum system and a more coordinated management of illegal migration flows into Europe during its six-month EU presidency. EURACTIV reports from Athens.
Digital & Media 21-02-2013

Europe strives to hold back ‘digital brain drain’

SPECIAL REPORT / With more than half of Spain's and Greece’s young people jobless, those with in-demand digital skills are increasingly seeking work in stabler Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.
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Economy & Jobs 07-09-2012

Spaniards prepare for exit, learn German

More and more Spaniards are enrolling in German language courses, seen as a way for them – and their money – to get out of their country's failing economy. 
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Spaniards, Portuguese look to former colonies for work

Many young Spanish and Portuguese citizens are leaving their homeland in search of better opportunities abroad, with former colonies being among the more popular destinations, reports say.

France prepares to shut down border with Italy

The Italian government gave its green light yesterday (7 April) to a decree allowing economic migrants from Tunisia to move freely throughout the Schengen area for a three-month period. France said it could re-establish border controls.