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Future EU 01-07-2020

German EU Presidency: Berlin to lead on EU economic policy

As Germany took over the EU Council Presidency on Wednesday (1 July), Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) presented plans for reorienting the bloc's economic policy, signalling Germany's commitment towards non-EU countries and confirming the focus on the digital and green economy. EURACTIV Germany reports.

French middle-class under pressure, according to OECD

Soaring housing prices, budget under pressure, automation. In its latest report, the OECD paints an alarming picture of the French middle class. EURACTIV France’s media partner La Tribune reports.
Economy & Jobs 23-03-2016

National Front MEP to speak on ‘economic patriotism’ in Moscow

The French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has broken a taboo by inviting a National Front politician to be a guest speaker at an event in Moscow. EURACTIV France reports.
CREDIT[Jean Marc Ayrault/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 16-09-2014

French government supports debt securitisation

The French government, preoccupied with the issue of financing business investment, wants to test securitisation transactions for small and medium sized businesses. This system is also making headway at a European level.
Euro & Finance 30-05-2013

France placed under EU reform scrutiny

The European Commission told France on Wednesday (29 May) to cut labour costs, reform its pension system and open up its protected markets in exchange for a two-year respite to bring its budget deficit under 3% of GDP. French President François Hollande replied swiftly, saying “the Commission cannot dictate what we should do”.
Development Policy 26-06-2009

High expectations of Sweden at EU helm

As Sweden prepares to assume the EU's rotating presidency on 1 July, business, civil society and human rights groups alike are lobbying Stockholm to find a way out of the financial, economic and climate crises by promoting structural reform and ambitious policies.
Euro & Finance 25-03-2009

BoE chief calls for Brown caution on global stimulus

Ahead of the G20 meeting in London next week, the head of the Bank of England (BoE), the UK's central bank, called for caution over attempts by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to get other European countries to agree to come up with additional stimulus packages to kick start the world economy.
EU Priorities 2020 13-03-2009

MEP: Parliament will stop Barroso’s stimulus plan

The European Parliament will mobilise a majority against Commission President José Manuel Barroso's five billion euro stimulus plan, Claude Turmes, vice-president of the Green / European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Euro & Finance 06-03-2009

Ministers call for better communication on economic crisis

Amid public incomprehension over billions of euro being poured into saving the banking sector instead of EU industry, ministers underlined yesterday (5 March) that better communication of basic economics is needed to prevent social and political unrest.
Public Affairs 04-12-2008

Economic crisis takes centre stage in citizens’ consultation

Following in the footsteps of the first transnational citizens' consultation, the King Baudouin Foundation and its partners yesterday (3 December) launched a new Europe-wide debate on the economic and social future of Europe.
Euro & Finance 03-12-2008

Finance ministers get cold feet over EU stimulus plan

EU finance ministers have half-heartedly supported the broad terms of a proposed EU plan to fight off the ongoing recession, but removed references to the 200 billion euro figure initially put forward by the European Commission.
Euro & Finance 27-11-2008

Commission tables 200 billion euro ‘recovery plan’

The European Commission on Wednesday (26 November) suggested that EU countries should spend billions of euro to kick-start their economies, saying it would tolerate higher budget deficits under strict conditions and for a limited period of time.
Euro & Finance 26-11-2008

EU to relax budget rules to help kick-start economy

Member states will be offered "temporary" flexibility to deviate from the Union's strict budget deficit rules in 2009-2010 under an "economic recovery plan" seen by EURACTIV, set to be unveiled today (26 November) by the European Commission.
Euro & Finance 25-11-2008

France and Germany fail to agree on EU stimulus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy ruled out joint tax cuts at a meeting yesterday (24 November), underlining Europe's difficulty in developing a coordinated response to the recession ahead of a recovery plan to be unveiled by the European Commission tomorrow (26 November).
Euro & Finance 20-11-2008

EU prepares massive growth plan worth €130 billion

The 27 EU countries will be asked to give away 1% of their GDP to contribute to a Europe-wide economic stimulus package, including loans for automakers, aimed at helping restart the economy and weather the effects of the recession, it emerged yesterday.
EU Priorities 2020 10-10-2008

Barroso urges summit not to lose sight of climate crisis

The main focus of the European Council next week will "rightly" be on the financial crisis, but "decisive progress" must also be made on the climate change and energy package and on the Lisbon Treaty, Commission President José Manuel Barroso stressed ahead of the summit.
Euro & Finance 02-06-2000

More power for euro-11?

French finance minister Fabius announced plans to strenghten the role of the Euro-11

Medium-term economic policy priorities of Lithuania

Lithuania and EU Commission set medium-term economic policy priorities until 2005.

Medium-term economic policy priorities of Hungary

Hungary and EU Commission set medium-term economic policy priorities until 2004.