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Economy & Jobs 17-06-2020

German finance minister defends borrowing for economic stimulus package

For once, Germany is not shying away from debt to overcome a crisis. With the second supplementary budget, the state's additional borrowing due to the coronavirus is raised to a total of €218.5 billion. But criticism is coming from the German Taxpayers' Federation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 23-04-2020

Germany agrees to more cash to shield workers, companies from coronavirus hit

Germany's coalition parties on Thursday (23 April) agreed to further measures worth some €10 billion to shield workers and companies from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
Economy & Jobs 26-03-2020

German parliament suspends debt brake to fight coronavirus outbreak

The German lower house on Wednesday (25 March) suspended the country's constitutionally enshrined debt brake, approving a massive stimulus package by Chancellor Angela Merkel's government to weather the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.
Economy & Jobs 20-03-2020

Belgium to unlock €1 billion for hospitals

Belgium's newly formed federal government will provide €1 billion urgently to help hospitals face the coronavirus crisis as the situation in the coming days become "extremely intense" for healthcare services, it said on Friday (20 March).
Economy & Jobs 20-03-2020

Stock markets rise on huge economic support plans

Global stock markets pushed higher Friday (20 March) at the end of another volatile week, as weary investors welcomed a worldwide fightback against the coronavirus fallout by governments and central banks. In the eurozone, markets jumped after the European Central...
Economy & Jobs 18-03-2020

Spain unveils ‘unprecedented’ €200 billion coronavirus package

Spain announced a €200 billion package on Tuesday (17 March) to help companies and protect workers and other vulnerable groups affected by the spiralling coronavirus crisis.
Global Europe 18-03-2020

US, UK ‘going big’ in economic fightback against virus

The United States and Britain led a multi-billion-dollar global fightback against economic havoc wreaked by the coronavirus as the European Union shut its borders to travellers from outside for 30 days to stem the pandemic's ferocious spread.
Coronavirus 15-03-2020

Austria launches coronavirus aid, ready to help support companies

Austria is making €4 billion immediately available to deal with the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, the conservative-led government said on Saturday as it ditched a central pledge to balance its budget.
Economic governance 10-03-2020

As stock markets collapse, IMF calls for support for the coronavirus-infected economy

The International Monetary Fund called on governments worldwide Monday (9 March) to join forces and roll out aggressive financial supports for the coronavirus-infected global economy, including direct payments to workers and businesses.
Euro & Finance 15-10-2014

France challenges EU rules with 2015 budget

The European Union's budget rules faced their biggest test in over a decade on Wednesday, after France presented a draft 2015 budget breaking past commitments to rein its deficit back to within EU limits.
Michel Sapin (left) and Jeroen Dijsselbloem at the Eurogroup, 13 Oct. 2014 [Photo: Council of the European Union]
EU Priorities 2020 14-10-2014

Berlin and Paris set up group to avert policy clash

The German and French economy ministers have asked experts in Berlin and Paris to come up with reform recommendations for both countries in an apparent attempt to avert a full-blown clash between the eurozone heavyweights over economic policy.
Euro & Finance 14-10-2014

France tests EU resolve amid growing recession concerns

France faced intensifying pressure from eurozone peers on Monday (13 October) to tighten spending next year, in a debate complicated by Germany's poor economic results, and the spectre of recession in the eurozone.
[President of the European Council/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 13-10-2014

Eurozone seeks to soften German opposition to stimulus spending

France and Italy will keep pressure on Germany this week to use government money to revive the eurozone's stagnating economy but in a sign of inertia, a promised list of projects to create growth will not be ready until December.
Euro & Finance 26-09-2014

French wary of ‘fake money’ in EU’s €300bn investment plan

European economy and industry ministers met in Brussels yesterday (25 September) to discuss ways of funding an ambitious plan by incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to invest €300 billion over the next five years.
Euro & Finance 25-06-2012

Merkel agrees multi-billion stimulus plan, rejects EU bonds

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has resisted pressure for common eurozone bonds or a more flexible use of Europe's rescue funds but agreed with leaders of France, Italy and Spain on a €130 billion package to revive growth.