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COVID-19 stimulus should address health, economy and climate together

Governments around the globe are quickly designing some of the biggest economic stimulus plan ever seen in peacetime in response to the COVD-19 pandemic. But while the health crisis has forced all concerned to take swift action, we are still moving too slowly when it comes to  the climate crisis, writes María Mendiluce.
Xavier Sol [Counter-Balance.org]
Development Policy 13-10-2014

A €300 billion growth package: don’t just spend it, spend it wisely

EU ministers are gathering in Luxembourg this week to discuss a €300 billion growth package. €300 billion is a dazzling amount but throwing money at a problem is not enough to solve it, experiences from previous EU stimuli packages show us. The ambition this time around should be to do spend the money more effectively, writes Xavier Sol.
Euro & Finance 23-05-2012

Europe Needs a Real Growth Agenda

Government spending does not lead to higher growth, but digital technologies can kickstart the economy and job creation, argues Ann Mettler.
Energy 23-05-2012

Energy savings: The stimulus Europe needs

European leaders have to understand that the greatest source of energy in the future will be learning how to use it more efficiently, say Sam Hägglund and Ulrich Paetzold.