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Economy & Jobs 10-01-2022

Sustainability disclosure: no longer about the why, it’s about the how

Sustainability issues are not stagnant, they evolve continuously and vary across different sectors. As a result, sustainability-related financial disclosure must incorporate industry-specific standards which can evolve to remain effective.
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Economy & Jobs 14-12-2021

Recovering from this pandemic means rebuilding hope for the future

We need to study and understand the blow young people have suffered from this pandemic, in order to adjust recovery and resilience measures to their needs and equip them with the tools to actively shape their present and future.
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Economy & Jobs 13-12-2021

Three worrisome facts about adult learning and one proposal

The Commission’s has just presented a proposal for a Council Recommendation on Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs), one of the pivotal initiatives to boost adult learning in Europe and reach the ambitious target set by the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan
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Economy & Jobs 02-12-2021

What Christmas trees can teach us about fair supply chains

In light of new supply chain laws, an effective due diligence and corporate responsibility is becoming of even greater importance for many companies. The case of Christmas trees shows which aspects are key to implementing fair supply chains.
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Economy & Jobs 19-10-2021

Amazon’s blueprint for private and public sector partnership to stop counterfeiters

The EU member states recently returned counterfeiting as a priority (EMPACT). We fully support this reinstatement. National governments now need to translate this commitment locally and support law enforcement authorities so they can catch and prosecute counterfeiters.
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Economy & Jobs 13-10-2021

Giving workers the flexibility they seek, and the security they deserve

For a growing number of workers, the ideal workplace is home — and the perfect employer is not one, but many. Welcome to the flexible workforce.
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Economy & Jobs 11-10-2021

The Post-COVID Recovery: Why are we no longer talking about Social Services?

Last year, we filled our doorways to clap and cheer in support of the health care and social service professionals keeping us safe. 19-months later and many of these vital services are still as underfunded and underrepresented in local, regional and national policies. Why?
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Economy & Jobs 23-09-2021

BeXt awards recognise sustainability alongside price and quality in consumer products

Recognising the contribution that responsible market players can make to sustainable consumption is an important role for consumer organisations. This month, Euroconsumers will celebrate the consumer brands leading the way on sustainability, price and quality at the third annual BeXt awards.