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A clear, credible climate protection law is good for business, German expert says

In an interview with EURACTIV Germany, Karsten Neuhoff, a climate expert and professor, spoke about Germany's hotly-debated climate protection bill, stressing that a clear regulatory framework with "clear and credible paths for reducing emissions" is attractive for businesses.
Central Europe 21-09-2017

Czech analyst: Eastern Europeans have lost faith in the EU

When countries in Central and Eastern Europe joined the EU, their expectations were high. Above all, they thought that they would quickly reach a Western standard living, Irah Kučerová told EURACTIV Czech Republic.
Brexit 18-10-2012

MEP Farage: ‘We are Europeans, and proud of it’

Britain's 40 years in the EU have been of great shame and sadness, but the British are European and proud of it, British MEP Nigel Farage told EURACTIV Germany.
Brexit 03-10-2011

Boston Group head: Bridge gap in internet economy with policy for growth

New data shows that Europe's most crisis-riven countries are suffering from a deficit of internet connectedness. There is no simple solution, but governments need to encourage better infrastructure and engagement, says David Dean, because without the web, growth will not come easily. 
Brexit 03-09-2009

Johnson: I don’t want to see Europe make ‘unforced errors’

The draft AIFM directive will divert investment away from Europe, Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Public Affairs 18-06-2009

Consultant: EU ‘increasingly relevant’ for Brazilian business

Europe's importance for Brazilian companies is growing, not only as a market for its goods but also as a region from which new investment can be attracted, corporate communications consultant Ciro Dias Reis told EURACTIV in an interview.