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  • A time for new ideas: Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe

    Innovation & Industry 18-07-2008

    Despite innovation being the backbone of economic resurgence in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), most of the investment has come from multinationals (MNCs), which will leave the region's economies vulnerable, argues Paul Lewis in a June 2008 report for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

  • Economic Prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe

    Euro & Finance 18-06-2008

    Domestic factors are more likely to inhibit economic growth in the EU's new member states than external ones, argue a group of scholars from the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies in a February 2008 paper.

  • Eurozone economic outlook: Too much complacency

    Euro & Finance 20-05-2008

    Despite strong business confidence throughout the eurozone, "a closer look reveals a less rosy picture" of European economies, says Simon Tilford of the Centre for European Reform in an April blog post. 

  • Russia’s economic rebirth

    Med & South 20-05-2008

    Russian economic recovery is all the more remarkable given the doom and gloom surrounding the 1990s, but this resurgence needs to be upheld by further reforms, argues Lúcio Vinhas de Souza in a CEPS paperback published in May.

  • Strategic aspects of EU-China commercial and monetary relations

    Global Europe 29-04-2008

    China's emergence as the world's third economic power has changed the "global chessboard" by adding a new tactical dimension of the Sino-European relationship, says an April study led by associate researcher at London's Royal Institute of International Affairs Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron for the Robert Schuman Foundation.