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Climate change 27-01-2017

May must challenge Trump’s ‘contempt’ for climate change, say British MPs

UK Prime Minister Theresa May must challenge US President Donald Trump’s “contempt” for environmental protection and urge him to remain a part of the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to MPs from across the UK’s political parties.
Brexit 17-10-2016

Brexit: Labour calls to ‘look before you leap’

The UK's opposition Labour party is divided over Brexit, as unity is limited to supporting an increasingly unlikely vision of a soft Brexit, writes Geoffrey Harris.
Brexit 10-10-2016

British MPs insist parliament must vote on ‘hard’ Brexit

A group of British politicians called today (10 October) for a parliamentary vote on the UK's future relations with the EU, warning the option of a hard Brexit that has hit the pound would be a "grave danger".
Climate change 18-03-2016

Ed Miliband: Tories far too able to ‘do wrong things’ on climate change

David Cameron’s government is to blame for overseeing the fraying of the UK’s cross-party consensus for action on climate change, according to Ed Miliband.
Energy 19-08-2015

1,000 square miles of England to be opened up for fracking

Large areas of Yorkshire, the north-west and the east Midlands are to be opened up to fracking after the government announced it will offer a fresh round of licences for oil and gas exploration.
Brexit 08-05-2015

Brexit referendum looms after Tory election victory

David Cameron is set to pull off a surprise victory in the United Kingdom’s general election, putting Britain on course to hold a referendum on its membership of the European Union, and raising questions over Scotland’s future in the UK.
EU and British flags [Shutterstock]
Brexit 07-05-2015

The UK election: A European game changer

Whoever wins the election, neither the Scottish nor the European questions will disappear from the UK political agenda, writes Dr Malanie Sully.
Brexit 04-05-2015

Britain’s boring election reaches gripping finale

After a sterile campaign that has turned many people off, Britons take to the polls on Thursday in a general election that could trigger an unprecedented bout of instability.
Brexit 04-05-2015

Anti-EU Farage faces uncertain future in UK vote

Nigel Farage has turned the UK Independence Party (UKIP) into a national force, but is battling for his future in Thursday's general election, with commentators saying he has run out of steam.
Brexit 29-04-2015

Should the EU prepare for a Miliband premiership?

The UK election is too close to call. Are European leaders hoping to get Ed Miliband and avoid a Brexit referendum? Pawel Swidlicki from the think tank Open Europe argues that a Miliband premiership wouldn’t hold the answers to problems besetting the UK-EU relationship.
Brexit 24-04-2015

Miliband vows to end UK ‘isolationism’, attacks Cameron

British opposition leader Ed Miliband accused David Cameron's government of "small-minded isolationism" in an election campaign speech Friday (24 April), but sparked a row after suggesting that the prime minister was partly responsible for the Mediterranean migrant crisis.
Brexit 14-04-2015

Deutsche Bank: Labour likely to form a government with SNP

Ahead of the 7 May election, in which Labour Party and Prime Minister David Cameron's incumbent Conservative Party are neck-and-neck in polls, Deutsche Bank said in a research note that the Labour Party is most likely be able to form the next government.
Brexit 14-04-2015

Labour launches manifesto, with promise to stand up for Britain in Europe

The opposition Labour Party launched their campaign manifesto in Manchester on Monday (13 April), pledging to stand up for Britain’s interests in the world, and in Europe.
Brexit 03-04-2015

Miliband edges out Cameron at UK television debate

The main television debate of Britain's national election campaign was held Thursday night (2 April). The event was staged less than six weeks before a close national election on 7 May.
Brexit 31-03-2015

House of Lords report finds allegations of EU interference unfounded

The European Union Committee of the House of Lords has accused the government of attempting to “bury” the results of a report on the UK's relationship with the EU after it found no evidence of excessive interference from Brussels.
Brexit 30-03-2015

UK election campaign launched today, parliament dissolved

Campaigning in Britain's closest national election in decades will start today (30 March) after Queen Elizabeth dissolves parliament at Prime Minister David Cameron's behest, teeing up an unusually fraught battle to govern the €2.6 trillion economy.
David Cameron
Brexit 27-03-2015

Cameron seen as winner in first TV encounter of UK election

Prime Minister David Cameron won the first TV encounter of the 2015 election, a poll showed. But opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband leveraged a rare opportunity to promote himself on a national stage.
Britain at a crossroads
Brexit 11-03-2015

Voting on Brexit: The EU issues shaping the UK election

The May 7 UK general election will go a long way towards deciding whether Britain will stay in the European Union, or choose to leave, after forty years of uneasy relations.
Brexit 27-02-2015

Ed Miliband: Leaving EU not in Britain’s interest

Speaking at the EEF National Manufacturing Conference in London, Miliband said yesterday (26 February) that “There is no greater threat to the long-term stability and prosperity of Britain and British business than leaving the European Union.”
Brexit 18-02-2015

UK’s opposition Labour pressed to commit to EU referendum

A major donor to the Labour Party is to urge Labour leader Ed Miliband on Wednesday (18 February), less than three months before a national election, to commit to holding a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.
Brexit 16-02-2015

Higher wages key to growth, says Labour Party

Britain's Labour party has today (16 February) laid out plans to boost UK industry by placing working families at its centre, saying higher wages are key to economic growth.
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, arrives at the Council meeting in Brussels, Oct. 23, 2014 [European Council/Flickr]
Brexit 10-11-2014

Debate over EU gives UK foretaste of election campaign

The UK’s fractious relationship with Europe took centre stage yesterday (9 November) with political leaders scrapping in a foretaste of the campaign that will lead to next May’s general election.
Brexit 13-10-2014

Poll: support for UKIP hits record high

Support for the anti-EU UK Independence Party hit a record high of 25%, an opinion poll showed yesterday (12 October), days after it won its first elected seat in Britain's parliament at the expense of Prime Minister David Cameron's party.
David Cameron speaks during a visit to Edinburgh, 10 September [Reuters]
Brexit 11-09-2014

Cameron begs Scots not to leave ‘UK family’

British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday (10 September) begged Scots not to rip apart the United Kingdom's "family of nations", flying to Scotland to man the barricades against a surge in support for independence eight days before a referendum.