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Europe’s bathing waters may not be as good as EU assessment suggests

With just a few weeks to go before the summer holidays, the EU's environment agency (EEA) and the  European Commission have presented quite satisfactory results for the bloc's bathing areas in 2020. However, some environmentalists have warned that this does not reflect "the true reality of our waters"
Energy 18-01-2021

Shift to renewables ‘significantly decreased’ emissions, EU agency says

Europe's shift from fossil fuel-based electricity to renewable sources has cut down on greenhouse gas emissions while tackling environmental problems, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said on Monday (18 January).
Air Quality 23-11-2020

European air quality improves but still detrimental to health

Air quality has improved significantly across Europe over the past 10 years, but pollution still contributes to significant numbers of premature deaths, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).
Air Quality 05-02-2019

Europe’s most deprived areas ‘hit hardest by air pollution’

Europe’s poorest, least educated and most jobless regions are bearing the brunt of the air pollution crisis, according to the first official stocktake of its kind. EURACTIV's partner The Guardian reports.
Brexit 16-11-2017

EFTA court boss quits, reducing UK’s post-Brexit chances

One of the main proponents of British membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - a possible option for the UK's post-Brexit trade regime - quit on  Wednesday (15 November) after 14 years at the helm of EFTA’s court.
Climate change 07-06-2017

UK leads the way on emissions reductions, despite overall increase across the EU

The UK recorded the largest decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union in 2015, although new research has found the emissions from the bloc increased for the first time in five years. EURACTIV's media partner edie.net reports.
Brexit 03-02-2017

UK’s High Court throws out Brexit EEA case

The UK’s High Court today (3 February) blocked a legal challenge, partly brought by a lobbyist who voted to leave the EU, that hoped to force the government to seek parliamentary approval before pulling out of the European Economic Area (EEA) as a part of Brexit.
Elections 22-11-2016

San Marino suffers its own election upset

Protest parties are garnering more and more support across Europe. Even one of the world's smallest countries, San Marino, is not exempt from the trend. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 26-10-2016

Post-Brexit UK will broker Swiss-style deal with EU, investors say

Once the United Kingdom has left the EU, it will most likely implement a bilateral ‘Swiss model’, according to a survey of institutional investors, which also showed financial passporting rights are of greater concern to them than restrictions on immigration.
Energy 18-10-2016

ETS emissions fall as EU cuts surplus carbon quotas

Greenhouse gas emissions from the main sectors covered by the European carbon market fell between 2014 and 2015, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA). EURACTIV's partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.
Vidar Helgesen
Brexit 07-05-2015

Norway minister: Brexit debate overlooked impact on foreign policy, security

EXCLUSIVE / The UK debate about leaving the European Union has overlooked its consequences in terms of security, foreign policy and transatlantic relations, says Vidar Helgesen in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Brexit 25-02-2015

Norwegian minister: Do not let UK drift to the fringe

Britain's membership in the European Union is vital for the bloc’s foreign and security policies, but it would not be a safer place if it was to leave the EU altogether, warned Vidar Helgesen, Norway’s Minister for EU Affairs.
Vidar Helgesen
Agrifood 07-01-2015

Commission and Norway fight over single market contribution

Norway claims that the European Commission has asked the Scandinavian country to double the amount it gives to the European Economic Area (EEA) over the next five years.
Emissions from a power station. [Stocker1970/Shutterstock].
Climate change 04-06-2014

EU emissions ‘lowest on record’

The European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 19.2% compared to 1990s levels, according to the European Environment Agency.

EU adopts seven-year environment strategy

EU ministers and MEPs have signed into law the seventh environment action programme, setting out the bloc’s long-term policy direction for the environment and climate.
Agrifood 19-11-2013

Norway promises to reduce tax on imported EU meat and cheese

The newly-elected Norwegian government has promised to reduce the tax that the previous government had put on goods imported from the EU, such as cheese and meat. The tax is breaches the rules of the EU's single market, of which the Scandinavian country is a part.
Climate change 22-02-2013

‘Alien’ wildlife in Europe wreak €12 billion damage a year: study

Animals and plants brought to Europe from other parts of the world are a bigger-than-expected threat to health and the environment costing at least €12 billion a year, a study said on Thurday (21 February).
Trade & Society 30-01-2013

EU threatens to punish Norway for breaching EEA agreement

Norway is failing to live up to its obligations as a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), including imposing extra taxes on EU products and not implementing more than 400 directives, according to an EU report to be published later this year.
Future EU 09-05-2012

EU agencies stained by ‘conflicts of interest’, wrongdoing

The European Parliament is set to suspend its approval for the 2010 budget of three EU agencies due to expenditures which appear unjustified, according to the lawmaker in charge of the dossier.
Global Europe 18-01-2012

Norway sparks debate on future of EU relations

A new study commissioned by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry shows economic links to the EU have a “huge democratic deficit”, paving the way for a reshuffling of Norway’s agreements through the European Economic Area (EEA) at a time fellow member Iceland is holding EU accession talks.
Global Europe 22-07-2010

Switzerland ponders scenarios for future EU relations

Recent talks between Swiss President Doris Leuthard and European Union leaders have triggered a media debate over Switzerland's relations with the 27-member bloc, the Swiss press writes.
Development Policy 26-01-2009

EU to table options for global climate deal

The EU will present proposals on Wednesday (28 January) for an international agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. The bloc is calling for a increase in global investment to 175 billion euro per year by 2020, more than half of which must be spent in developing countries.
Climate change 23-06-2008

Report shows EU emissions falling slightly in 2006

EU member states have made progress in cutting their greenhouse gas emissions to be on course to meet their Kyoto targets, according to data released for 2006. But the Commission is particularly concerned about emissions rises in the new member states.
Climate change 30-11-2005

EEA report shows Europe is living off world’s natural capital

The European Environment Agency's newest state of the environment report indicates that, despite remarkable progress in the last 20 years, the continent is not on a path to a sustainable future.