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Eastern Europe 22-07-2019

Georgia’s European Economic Area ambitions

As the EU suffers from “enlargement fatigue”, perhaps the European Economic Area membership will prove a useful stepping stone for Georgia in its rightful quest to join the Union, writes Fraser Cameron.
Brexit 08-02-2018

What freedom of movement means to business

Although the question of European nationals in the UK has been addressed, the fate of UK nationals working in the EEA still remains unknown. It's a pressing topic for EU and UK businesses, writes Robert Glick.
Brexit 15-06-2017

How should the EU react to Britain’s general election?

The EU-27 can force Britain’s politicians to acknowledge Brexit’s trade-offs, by offering the British four options from which it must choose, write Simon Tilford and John Springford.
Brexit 04-05-2016

UK shouldn’t follow Swiss or Norwegian model

There is no doubt that UK manufacturing and wider business is best served by being in the EU and by continuing to be influential in defining the future direction of the framework conditions for manufacturing companies in the bloc, writes Adrian Harris.
Trade & Society 24-03-2004

Sustainability, Responsibility – The business contribution to sustainable trade

This conference report by CSR Europe explores the relationship between CSR and sustainable trade.

Equipping Europe for CSR and Sustainable Development – optimising skills & competence

This paper by CSR Europe presents a range of initiatives whose aim is to make CSR and Sustainable Development part of mainstream training and education.

Investing in Responsible Business

This joint survey by CSR Europe, Deloitte and Euronext examines the impact of social and environmental performance on investment decisions in the years to come.
Trade & Society 21-10-2003

Special Report: Fair Trade

CSR Europe's September 2003 Magazine focuses on fair trade as its special feature.

Governance of Sustainable Development : Towards Synergies between Corporate and Political Governance

This paper analyses the implications of governance of sustainable development for the corporate sector.

Working Together Towards Sustainable Development: the OECD experience

Working Together Towards Sustainable Development: the OECD experience The report assesses the contribution made by OECD countries, both at home and internationally, and brings together the main lessons learned through the Organisation’s extensive work on sustainable development. Since Rio, progress...

Towards a Sustainable European Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century

Towards a Sustainable European Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union (EU) has undergone major changes since it was first implemented at the end of the 1960s. The most recent reforms were...

Is Johannesburg sustainable?

  Is Johannesburg sustainable? Some Conclusions for EU Government and Public Affairs The UN World Summit on Sustainable Development ended on Wednesday 4 September amid criticisms from activist groups that it was hijacked by big business and failed to deliver...
Development Policy 03-06-2002

The Liberalism and regulation – a European model?

The Liberalism and regulation – a European model? Hans Martens argues that social solidarity, environmental sustainability and economic liberalism can and must go hand in hand if the Lisbon process is to deliver results for the European Union Left and...