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  • EU diplomatic service ‘hostage of budget constraints’

    News | Future EU 11-02-2011

    The newly-formed European External Action Service is at risk of falling short of its promises if negotiations on the EU budget post-2013 do not manage to increase the European Union’s financial means, said MEPs yesterday (10 February)..

  • The EU’s External Action Service: New actor on the scene

    Opinion | Global Europe 31-01-2011

    The European External Action Service (EEAS) can provide a more coherent, visible and effective EU foreign policy but faces problems such as low morale among personnel, friction with the European Commission and disputes over EU representation in international organisations, writes Graham Avery, senior advisor at the European Policy Centre (EPC).

  • ‘Palestine Papers’ bear the failure of US as mediator

    Opinion | Global Europe 26-01-2011

    The leaked 'Palestine Papers' on concessions offered to Israel show the failure of the US as principal mediator and give the EU an opportunity to step up its role in peace talks, argues Spyros Danellis MEP, a member of the European Parliament's Palestine delegation, in an opinion piece sent exclusively to EURACTIV.

  • Ashton to preside over a ‘man’s world’

    News | Development Policy 22-12-2010

    EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has completed the appointments for 28 top officials at the European External Action Service, with only two women appearing on the list, according to a document seen by EURACTIV.

  • Compromise in sight on 2011 budget

    News | Future EU 29-11-2010

    The European Parliament has welcomed a draft compromise proposal by the European Commission on next year's EU budget, signalling that a deal is getting closer ahead of an EU summit on 16-17 December.

  • Europe’s New Diplomats

    Opinion | Future EU 22-11-2010

    The European External Action Service is "one of the most important institutional reforms provided for by the Treaty of Lisbon" and should bring together "fragmented EU structures" to ensure that Europe speaks more often with one voice, writes German Green MEP Franziska Brantner in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV. 

  • EU budget talks collapse

    News | Future EU 12-11-2010

    EU finance ministers failed to reach a compromise with the European Parliament over the 2011 budget yesterday night (11 November). If they fail to find a mutually acceptable solution by Monday, the 2010 budget will roll over to 2011, raising questions as to how the European Union will finance ambitious new projects such as the European External Action Service.

  • EEAS to be born on Lisbon Treaty anniversary

    News | Development Policy 21-10-2010

    In the presence of a smiling Catherine Ashton, the European Parliament yesterday (20 October) approved by an overwhelming majority the last three legislative texts required to launch the European External Action Service (EEAS) on 1 December 2010, the day of the first anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty.

  • EU to reject Mugabe’s ambassadors

    News | Global Europe 15-10-2010

    A consensus is emerging among the EU institutions to reject Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's ambassadors-designate to the European Union, after the country's prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, called on the bloc not to recognise Mugabe's unilateral appointment.

  • González warns against cheating Turkey

    News | Future EU 05-10-2010

    Felipe González, chairman of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe, warned yesterday (4 October) that the EU should honour commitments made to Turkey, which ten years ago was given the prospect of European Union membership.

  • Leading MEP: Turkey should seek Norway-type EU relationship

    Interview | Development Policy 29-09-2010

    Turkey and Ukraine should seek to obtain a status with the EU similar to the one Norway has at present, becoming fully associated members of the internal market and the Schengen border-free area, Elmar Brok, a leading MEP, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Brok: Right personnel mix is key for EEAS

    News | Development Policy 29-09-2010

    The European External Action Service (EEAS) can be set up only if the European Parliament approves the staff and financial legal base based on the presence of at least 60% "Community personnel" in the new diplomatic corps, German MEP Elmar Brok (European People's Party) told EURACTIV in an interview.