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Agrifood 26-10-2021

Commission dismisses calls for more transparency in drafting CAP plans

The European Commission has dismissed calls for more transparency in the drafting of the Common Agricultural Policy strategic plans, saying an excessive focus on this risks overburdening the process and missing the big picture.
Agrifood 08-09-2021

Agri stakeholders gear up for last minute push ahead of Farm to Fork vote

Agricultural stakeholders have joined forces for a last minute push on the EU’s flagship food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy, ahead of Parliament’s vote on their draft report outlining their official reaction to the strategy this week.

MEPs back natural gas as a ‘bridge’ to 100% renewable hydrogen

Gas should be used as a bridging solution to produce hydrogen before green varieties made from renewable electricity become commercially available, according to a motion adopted in the European Parliament's environment committee.
Agrifood 02-04-2020

NGOs criticise Commission over CAP impact on biodiversity

Environmental NGOs have accused the European Commission of "greenwashing" and cherry-picking positive messages from an EU-funded independent evaluation study about the impact of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on habitats, landscapes and biodiversity.
Agrifood 31-03-2020

The effects of COVID-19 on agriculture in the EU

In this special edition of the agrifood podcast, EURACTIV's agrifood team explores the impact of the recent coronavirus outbreak on EU agriculture and the bloc's main farming subsidies programme, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
Air Quality 12-04-2017

NGOs urge UK to approve EU anti-pollution rules

Environmental NGOs rallied together, urging the British government to vote in support of new EU industrial pollution rules that could save thousands of lives every year today (12 April).
Public Affairs 04-11-2005

EEB presents EU environmental policy handbook

Thirty years of EU environmental legislation are critically assessed in a new reference handbook presented by the European Environmental Bureau on 3 November.
Climate change 07-07-2004

Dutch Presidency faces tough environmental tests

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has presented its regular ten environmental tests to the incoming Dutch Presidency. 'Greening' the Lisbon agenda heads up the list of EEB priorities.
Future EU 10-03-2004

EEB: “Don’t treat environment as obstacle to growth”

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has urged the upcoming Competitiveness Council to identify the positive synergies between environmental commitments and competitiveness.

Ten tests for Sweden’s green EU Presidency ambitions

European Environmental Bureau (EEB) presents Ten Green Tests for Swedish Presidency
Climate change 22-12-2000

EEB presents environmental verdict on French Presidency

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) presented its half-year environmental report on the outgoing Presidency
Climate change 23-11-2000

Transatlantic Environment Dialogue suspended

The Transatlantic Enviroment Dialogue was suspended because the US government failed to supply its share of the funding.
Climate change 09-10-2000

Packaging industry defends CEN standards

EUROPEN, the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment, calls upon the Commission to adopt the CEN packaging standards.

Eco-NGOs demand EU Sustainable Development Strategy

Leading environmental NGOs present joint proposals for a European Sustainable Development Strategy.

EEB wants NGO Participation in EU Technical Committees

The European Environmental Bureau wants the EU to accept NGO participation in its technical committees.