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Bundestag passes amendments to Germany’s renewable energy act

The German Bundestag passed an amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) on Thursday (17 December), without support from the opposition. The leftist Die Linke and Greens have called for higher green electricity production targets while the liberal FDP wants to allow "negative emission technologies." EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 29-04-2020

German cabinet amends renewable energy rules due to COVID-19

The German cabinet adopted today (29 April) an amendment to clean energy rules aimed at enabling immediate measures to be taken during the coronavirus pandemic. But environmentalists are not pleased as solar power caps and distance rules for wind turbines were left out. EURACTIV Germany reports.

20 Years of Germany’s EEG: Clear unwillingness of the current government

Germany's energy transition or 'Energiewende', which came into force 20 years ago today, would not have been possible without the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). As a number of questions still remain unanswered, EURACTIV Germany talked to one of its architects.
Electricity 16-03-2017

German solar power association: Europe far from being energy pioneer

Solar energy will be critical to German and European efforts to decarbonise their economies. EURACTIV Germany reports on what contribution local schemes can make to European energy policy.

Energy 17-11-2016

Renewables energy expert: “They are gambling away a huge opportunity”

The EU has some big plans in climate protection, as well as the targets of the Paris Agreement to meet. The road ahead seems bumpy, especially since leaked Commission documents revealed renewable energy will be bumped down the list of priorities. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 31-07-2015

German onshore wind power drops in first half of 2015

The rapid expansion of onshore wind energy in Germany has slowed significantly in the first half of 2015, with the industry representatives saying it is now up to the German government but also the EU. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 18-02-2015

Berlin sues European Commission in dispute over renewables law

The German government is challenging the European Commission before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the hopes of achieving clarity once and for all over Germany’s 2012 Renewable Energies Act (EEG), which Brussels still considers to be state aid. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Germans currently pay around 30 cents per kWh for energy, about 6 cents of which makes up the green energy surcharge to support renewables. [Gunnar Ries}
Energy 16-10-2014

Germany plans first ever cut to green energy levy

Germany's renewable energy surcharge is set to decrease for the first time in 2015, raising the prospect of lower energy prices for households. But the move attracted criticism from the Green Party, which pushed for deeper cuts. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Around one fourth of industry power in Germany is generated from the plants themselves. Hainburg, Germany October 2013 [Carsten Frenzl/Flickr]
Energy 11-07-2014

Brussels, Berlin bury hatchet over green energy rebates

After months of tension, Germany and the European Commission have resolved their conflict over Berlin's support scheme for renewable energy, by agreeing on planned industry rebates. But this did not happen without concessions from the Merkel government. EURACTIV.de reports.
Wind park Pattensen/Hiddestorf. [Windwärts Energie GmbH / Mark Mühlhaus/Flickr]
Energy 13-06-2014

ECJ decision pivotal in debate over Germany’s green subsidies

A complaint raised by a Finnish wind turbine operator in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could add an unpredictable dynamic to the debate over the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), with experts forecasting rising energy costs and the end of exclusively national green energy subsidisation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Alsumer Berg, 2014. [Michael/Flickr]
Energy 02-04-2014

Germany backs exemptions to green energy rebates

The federal government, and the Länder (states) on Tuesday (1 April) closed ranks in their dispute with the European Commission, over exemptions for the industrial sector provided by the controversial green energy law.
Trade & Society 27-02-2014

EU warned ‘do not play with fire’ over energy rebates for German industry

SPECIAL REPORT / During a recent visit to Brussels, German energy minister Sigmar Gabriel praised EU efforts for re-industrialisation. But he also fiercely defended industrial exemptions from his country's renewable energy surcharge, warning the European Commission not to "play with fire" ahead of the EU elections, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 07-02-2014

German energy prices 50% higher than EU average: McKinsey

One of the biggest challenges to the new German government will be to put the energy transition back on track, according to a recent study. Negative trends persist as Germany's domestic energy prices rose to 48% above the European average, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 15-09-2003

The new German renewables act – make or break for renewable energy in Europe?

Proposals for a review of the German renewables legislation, which is seen by many as being the European catalyst for renewables, sparked fierce debates on the future of the sector in Germany and beyond.