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Politics 17-06-2022

EU advisory body backs Ukraine candidate status, flags Balkans

Unconditional candidate status must be given to Ukraine without jeopardising the ongoing accession process of Western Balkans countries, a European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) resolution approved on Thursday (16 June) stated.
Economy & Jobs 22-06-2021

Workers’ groups seek to influence Green Deal

The workers’ groups of the European Economic and Social Committee have seized upon the term “just transition” in a bid to insert their aims for workers’ co-determination into the Commission’s flagship policy, the European Green Deal.
EU Elections 2019 23-11-2018

Greek minister: Refugees are the modern Jews, scapegoats of the crisis

Refugees and immigrants have become modern-day scapegoats for demagogues, who are turning a blind eye to the real causes of the crisis - rising inequalities, according to Greece's Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Georgios Katrougalos. EURACTIV.com reports from Athens.
Future EU 20-09-2018

Oettinger names and shames member states on long-term EU budget cuts

Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Finland…. The EU's Budget Commissioner Günter Oettinger did not hesitate to point the finger at countries reluctant to increase their contributions to the EU's next seven-year budget during a speech on Wednesday (19 September).
Economy & Jobs 05-09-2018

EESC rapporteur: reducing future Cohesion’s budget affects EU’s credibility

The European Economic and Social Committee expressed strong disagreement with the Commission’s proposal to cut Cohesion policy funds by 10% in a recent opinion, saying the EU executive must show sensitivity for the current political environment rather than focus only...
Agrifood 07-12-2017

EESC: EU needs a comprehensive food policy

Europe needs to revolutionise its approach to food, focusing on sustainability and health to tackle the many challenges of the future, said a report published on Wednesday (6 December).
Global Europe 15-02-2017

Disabled refugees challenged by Greek camps

Disabled refugees in Greek camps are faced with a number of obstacles, ranging from identification and bullying to a lack of access to appropriate services, according to migrant advocates.

Roma NGOs win civil society prize

SPECIAL REPORT: Three civil society organisations from Slovakia, Greece, and the Czech Republic won the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) civil society prize Thursday (16 October) for outstanding achievements in integrating Roma at the local level.
Swden shopping street

Civil society paves the way for Roma inclusion

SPECIAL REPORT: Europe’s largest minority continue to be marginalised and discriminated against despite EU initiatives to improve their well-being. Almost half of the existing ten million Roma in Europe live on the edge of poverty and the majority of them face social exclusion every day.

Undeclared work increased with the economic crisis

A group of EU member countries will help tackle the problem according to a new opinion by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), an advisory body to the EU institutions.
Trade & Society 27-09-2012

EU lawmakers: Single market key to getting Europe out of crisis

If civil society  engage more actively in its development and implementation, a functioning internal market can help the EU get out of the financial crisis, EU lawmakers said, in a resolution celebrating 20 years of the single market.

EU advisory committee defends its role against critics

A week after the European Parliament's liberal ALDE group suggested scrapping advisory bodies to save taxpayers' money, the president of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Staffan Nilsson, has come out to defend the role of civil society in EU policymaking.