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Elections 14-06-2013

Turkish government rages at EU criticism

The Turkish government reacted furiously to a resolution adopted by the European Parliament, condemning Ankara for not being conciliatory in the face of protests that left several dead and thousands injured.  EURACTIV Turkey reports. 
Euro & Finance 14-02-2013

Turkey still attracted to the EU, but not the euro

Turkey is committed to joining the European Union despite mounting frustration over decades of talks on the issue, but has little appetite for adopting the euro currency, a senior Turkish official said yesterday (13 February).
Global Europe 07-02-2013

Turkey: EU political benchmarks ‘were never given to us’

EXCLUSIVE / The European Union has never sent Turkey the required benchmarks to reform its justice system, making the country's EU accession process impossible to complete, according to a high-level official in Ankara who spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 03-02-2011

In Auschwitz, Turkey minister accuses EU of ‘racism’

The EU risks being besieged by a racist mentality "that emulates the fascist methods of the 1930s," said Turkish EU Affairs Minister Egemen Ba???, speaking at a Holocaust commemoration event in Auschwitz.