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Selfie at the European Parliament [European Parliament]
Digital & Media 14-04-2014

Social media favours eurosceptics in EU elections

Many European politicians have mapped out social media strategies to win votes in the upcoming European election. But critics argue that politicians should not assume that they will be able reach the average citizen, warning that social media tends to favour populist politicians.
Andrew Keen [The Next Web Photos]
Digital & Media 03-04-2014

Tech entrepreneur: ‘EU politics is the ultimate social media turnoff’

“People here will tell you that social media is democratic. It is not: social media is incapable of building new structures for democracy.” Andrew Keen stunned the audience at a conference on Wednesday (2 April), which dealt with social media use in European political campaigning. He explains his views to EURACTIV.
Digital & Media 30-09-2013

Parliament VP: ‘Be careful tightening transparency measures’

European Parliament Vice-President Rainer Wieland has warned against the negative impact of new lobbying transparency measures, saying they could seriously hamper the institution's work.
Digital & Media 25-11-2011

EU court rules policing the Internet is illegal

The European Court of Justice issued yesterday (24 November) a historic ruling establishing that member states cannot impose the filtering of the Internet for the purpose of preventing illegal downloads of copyrighted files.
Elections 14-06-2010

Flemish nationalists triumph in Belgium

The N-VA, a nationalist party, secured a sweeping victory in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium in national elections held on Sunday (13 June), paving the way for more powers to be delegated to the regions in the country that hosts the EU institutions.
Data protection 20-04-2006

Comply or else, data watchdog tells EU

Peter Hustinx, the European data protection supervisor, has warned the EU institutions that as of 2007 he will start clamping down on cases of non-compliance with privacy standards. 
Data protection 30-11-2005

Efficiency and transparency are challenges for e-government

EU ministers have declared their wish to implement e-Government services while the Commisison is improving its online presence.
Digital & Media 13-10-2005

Estonia first country in the world to introduce internet voting

In local government council elections to be held on 16 October 2005, voters in Estonia will be the first in the world to have the choice of voting either from their homes over the internet or in a traditional booth. 
Digital & Media 13-09-2005

EP embraces the blogosphere

The Parliament has launched its new web portal with a series of round table talks on the information society, the first of which was about ethical questions arising from the emergence of millions of weblogs.
Digital & Media 07-10-2004

EU recommends re-focusing e-government strategy on Lisbon objectives

New recommendations propose re-focusing the EU’s e-government strategy on speeding up the delivery and efficiency of public services for businesses and citizens.
Politics 15-03-2004

Irish e-voting system under scrutiny due to concerns about fraud

An independent committee is looking into the alleged security flaws of an e-voting system set to be used for the next European and regional elections. The report is due out on 1 May.
Digital & Media 09-03-2004

Telecoms council reiterates commitment to ICT policy ahead of Spring Summit

EU telecoms ministers have confirmed their commitment to EU policies on ICT. Meanwhile, seven Member States face legal action for failing to transpose the regulatory framework.
Digital & Media 16-02-2004

Seminar addresses challenges to e-democracy

A two-day seminar on e-democracy has marked the starting point in Europe's attempts to draw citizens closer to their governments using online technologies.
Brexit 10-02-2004

European forum to address obstacles to e-business

The European e-business interoperability forum kicks off its activities on 18 February with the aim of lifting barriers to e-business take-up in Europe.

Survey shows overall satisfaction with public e-services, but usage stats appear to be low

The European Commission revealed on 1 December the results of a large-scale survey on the use and quality of public government online services.

e-Forum Summit to discuss new EU e-government analysis

The EU's e-government-related activities are "very fragmented", says a new analysis to be unveiled at the forthcoming e-Forum Summit in Valencia, Spain.

First pan-European e-government survey due out in September

The first pan-European benchmarking study on e-government sites and service users will be made public in September.
EU Priorities 2020 23-07-2003

Survey: Eastern Europe overtakes South and North in e-gov developments

Eastern Europe in general has overtaken several Southern and Northern European countries in ICT use in the public sector and e-government, a new survey reveals.
EU Priorities 2020 10-07-2003

Europe vows to speed up rollout of eGovernment

The Commission welcomed on 9 July the pledge by 30 European ministers to accelerate the rollout of eGovernment; proposed new programme on cross-border interoperability.

Winners of eEurope Awards announced

The three top prize winners for the eEurope Awards for eGovernment Applications were announced on 7 July by Information Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen.
Brexit 07-07-2003

Italy targets eEurope

Italy wants eGovernment to be a "top priority" for its six-month EU Presidency.

Italy to host eGovernment conference

The Italian city of Como will host an eGovernment Ministerial Conference and Exhibition on 7-8 July.
Enlargement 02-07-2003

Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey to join IDA

The Commission has proposed that Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey follow the 10 future EU members in joining the Union's programme for the exchange of data with EU Member States' administrations (IDA).
Digital & Media 26-03-2003

Partnership deal to promote ‘eCitizenship for All’

Under a partnership agreement, TeleCities and Deloitte & Touche have joined forces to create an European eDatabase for promoting eGovernment across the Union.