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Competition 06-05-2015

Europe’s digital revolution

The Digital Single Market is our chance to compete with the US on knowledge and innovation, writes Eva Paunova.
András Baneth, managing director, Public Affairs Council
Digital & Media 18-06-2014

Why EU digital advocacy is more than social media

Engaging an audience around a message is now the rule, not the exception, in EU public affairs. Digital advocacy is here to stay, writes András Baneth.
Digital & Media 14-11-2011

Online gambling: EU Institutions must de-couple funding and integrity

A European Parliament committee may be at odds with the European Commission over online gambling, but it is possible to forge a compromise to the benefit of consumers, argues Khalid Ali from European Sports Security Association.  

E-government: large potential still to be tapped

E-government: large potential still to be tapped While many companies already take the internet for granted, the state and particularly public administrations are still in the process of finding ways to tap the potential offered by information and communications technologies...
Enlargement 13-09-2002

Technicalities: E-Government for E-Europe

Technicalities: E-Government for E-Europe With their sights set on EU accession, countries across the region have high ambitions for e-government. Unfortunately, they are missing much bigger problems at ground level. Among the many commitments made by would-be members of the...
EU Priorities 2020 16-11-2001

Putting citizens on-line not in line

Putting citizens on-line not in line McKinsey Quarterly, 2001 nr 2 Policy relevance: Getting governments online is one of the 10 action lines in the EU’s eEurope Action Plan (see EURACTIV’s ELinksDossier on eEurope). In order to achieve this aim,...