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Elections 09-11-2012

European Liberals explore response to rising populism

The annual congress of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform party (ELDR) began yesterday (8 November) in Dublin with a seminar dedicated to the rise of populism in Europe, and the response which should be given to the challenge. EURACTIV reports from Dublin.
Future EU 30-11-2011

Sir Graham Watson: The French-German motor is kaput

Angela Merkel refuses to develop Eurobonds or to allow the European Central Bank to be a lender of last resort, while Nicolas Sarkozy may need one of those options to emerge from difficulty, which means that the French-German motor is "kaput", newly elected European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party leader Sir Graham Watson told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Elections 29-11-2011

Sir Graham Watson to lead Europe’s liberals

ELDR, the European liberal political family comprising 55 national liberal and liberal-democratic parties across Europe, elected MEP Sir Graham Watson as its leader for the next two years. EURACTIV Italy contributed to this article.
EU Priorities 2020 20-04-2009

Socialist-Liberal clash marks EU campaign start

In an attempt to drum up public interest in the European elections, socialist and liberal parties launched scathing attacks on one another last week in a series of press releases and open letters published in the Belgian press.
EU Priorities 2020 08-04-2009

No clear majority predicted in new Parliament

Two months ahead of the European elections, leading researchers are predicting that the next European Parliament will strike an equilibrium between centre-right and centre-left, but the growing influence of Central and Eastern European MEPs will shift the power balance within the political groups. 
EU Priorities 2020 05-11-2008

European Liberals unveil 2009 election manifesto

The European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) became the first EU party to launch an electoral plan for the 2009 European Parliament elections, unveiling their manifesto at a two-day congress in Stockholm last week.
Elections 12-05-2004

New centrist pro-European political group in the offing

The liberals, the Italian centre-left and the French centre-right are looking to create a new pro-European political group in time for the next European Parliament.